Auction swept by Franken-mania

A Stud-bred-colt has become this year’s most expensive horse sale as his pedigree is simply irreproachable. Great things are expected from the youngster, and certainly he will as it has the form and looks of his sire.

Auction swept by Franken-mania

The Auction

The auction in question took place on October 5, 2022, as part of the Tattersalls October Yearling Sale, and has already become the latest in racing news. Although it didn’t start as the auctioneer expected, as Edmond Mahoney was eager to get bids for Lot 221 with a sum of 1 million from the very beginning. This was not to be as bidders were apprehensive to begin with such a big sum, and yet, by the end of it all, the final bid for this magnificent horse reached a little more than three million pounds, a total sum of two million and eight hundred thousand guineas; thus becoming the most expensive sale of the year so far. It was one hell of a bidding day, as no one expected the price to rise the way it did, yet in the end Anthony Stroud made the final call, and all opposition ceased as no one was willing to bid any higher. It was without a doubt beyond disappointing for Lane’s End’s Bill Farish which had been bidding all the while trying to secure the Franken-bred-colt nearly from the beginning of the auction.

An Excellent Pedigree

Trustfully no one can muster a single reproach when looking at the colt’s pedigree, for his sire is none other than the retired champion Frankel. The bay colored Stallion raced fourteen times and achieved victory in each and every last one of them, thus becoming a living legend within the world of horse racing, whilst also earning a total of 2,998,302 pounds in prize money for his owner Khalid Abdullah.

Amongst this legend’s most notable races stand out two from 2011: the 2000 Guineas Stakes, where neither spectators nor jockeys could believe their eyes as he managed to win by one of the highest margins ever seen since 1947, and the Queen Elizabeth II Stakes, which featured some of the toughest competition one could ever face, such as Poet’s Voice, who had won the race the previous year. In the end, he succeeded whilst leaving behind all opposition as he won by 4 lengths. However, all the good in the colt doesn’t come only from his sire, as he comes from a mare from the renowned broodmare sire Dubawi, whom at this point is sire to 464 dams.

It is yet to be seen if such a big purchase will turn out to be a sound investment in the long run, however the colt certainly has the potential running down in its veins, and in any case Anthony Stroud seemed quite pleased that his bid was the one which succeeded in securing such an asset for Sheikh Mohammed, which he defined as “the jewel in the crown” of that days auction; especially with the main opposition being David Ingordo and Bill Farish; so even though it was quite the expensive move, it still seems to have been the right call in the end. Top bookies are certainly eager to see what it can do out in the tracks. Surely as long as it gets a good trainer like his sire had in Sir Henry Cecil, it will without a doubt achieve great things.

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