BET-IBC Review: Is It the Best Broker for Sportsbooks & Exchanges?

To understand what the principle behind the BET-IBC endeavor is, first we need to clarify what a betting agent does. They are essentially an intermediary between betting houses and people that want to use their services yet cannot (or will not) open an account with them. That’s exactly what the best betting broker has been offering for over 15 years now. And an ever-growing list of satisfied clients that are around the hundreds of thousands, confirms how successful it has been during that period. In fact, this agent for Asian and European bookmakers does way more than intermediate, and in this review, we have taken it upon ourselves to prove it to you.

BET-IBC Review

A Solution to a Common Issue

There is nothing wrong with being an occasional player that enjoys a bet on their favorite sports once in a blue moon. To them, finding a good respectable online bookie and conducting their sporadic business with it is more than enough. Professional punters are a completely different story, though. Their needs are increasingly complex and therefore they require more complex services too.

BET-IBC comes as the solution to such an issue. For instance, the brand prides itself on being an agent for both Sportsbooks and Exchanges, in other words, for websites with fixed odds and where people bet against each other. Their catalog includes only the best brand names, some of which are only available through this format. Here are some of the examples that fall under each category:

  • Sportsbooks
    • 3ET
    • BETIsn
    • Maxbet
    • PS3838
    • Sbobet
  • Exchanges
    • Fair999
    • Matchbook
    • OrbitX
    • Smarkets

Both lists go on to include several other well-reputed brands. However, the most important aspect to remember is that BET-IBC does not interfere with the betting process in any way. They limit their business activities to bringing punters and bookies together and assisting both parties by handling the financial transactions.

There is more

That doesn’t mean the above are the only services they provide. As we stated before, professional bettors and those that aspire to be one require much more. Concurrently, BET-IBC puts to their client’s disposition two proposals for those that, for one reason or another, are not satisfied with the usual way of simply placing bets. Those are:

  • VIP-IBC. Known as the best betting platform, it allows bettors to check the odds offered by the top Asian and European bookmakers side by side, and place simultaneous wagers as many of the time as they want using a single account.
  • Skype Betting. This service is aimed at high rollers that truly understand what the betting thrill is about. Using BET-IBC official account in this popular communication platform, they can place their high risk whenever they want; enjoying huge limits and the freedom of handling all their betting through an app they know.
  • Professional team of tipsters. Available free of charge for every punter, this service provides the best insight from people that really know about sports. Such tips are rather useful for beginners that are learning the ropes about the betting world, and also serve as a comparison point for veterans that trust their instincts and experience.

Financial Aspects and Interface

BET-IBC understands that, when it comes to online sports betting, there are three matters that any punter will be concerned about. The first is obviously the security of their funds. Everybody wants to be sure that the money they deposit, as well as the profits they painstakingly made, are safe and secured and can be accessed as soon as they need it.

The second is the speed and ease of use of the site. It little matters what kind of design the interface has. Successfully taking advantage of betting opportunities requires gathering information and making decisions in a matter of seconds. If the website’s loading speed does not allow for such things, then chances or even money will be missed, which ultimately will result in increased client dissatisfaction.

Last but certainly not least is the speed of the monetary transactions. Same as in the previous entry, the time it takes to move the funds to the betting account in order to place a wager can be a decisive factor when it comes to sports betting. Likewise, since everybody plays with the mentality to win, players don’t like it when the withdrawal process is too complicated and takes too long.

Fortunately, BET-IBC puts to rest all three concerns almost instantly. Their website, in spite of being attractive, is rather minimalistic without too many decorative elements, which allows for a fast loading average, even for slow connections. Additionally, they implement the latest 128-bit SSL protocols to ensure that all personal and financial data is kept away from the predatory eyes of malicious hackers and digital thieves

Finally, there is a professional team of administrators behind the best betting broker, which guarantees that all transactions are handled as fast as institutions themselves allow it and enable punters to schedule the use of their money efficiently and with ease of mind.

Payment Solutions and Customer Support

The best betting broker for both Sportsbooks and Exchanges offers a wide variety of deposit and withdrawal methods that go from the most traditional ones, such as bank transfers, to some of the most modern like e-wallets, such as Skrill and Neteller, and crypto currencies, namely Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Tether.

Moreover, BET-IBC has among its ranks a team of professionals in customer service that is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Same as the website, their services are offered in 31 different languages, which ensures that communication can run effectively and any issue will be solved quickly without misunderstandings.

More than a Business

We cannot forget that bettors are humans too. Likewise, BET-IBC is more than just a company looking to make a profit. The fact that they support multiple social programs aimed to make the world a better place is just a testament to this statement.

For instance, the company supports several animal and child shelters around Europe, as well as campaigns for reforestation in different parts of the world. Besides, they are also a regular contributor to the Doctors without Borders initiative, which aims to offer medical assistance to the most vulnerable populations on our planet, regardless of their location.


It is clear that a successful betting strategy without the assistance of an agent, though possible, is a tediously complicated and time-consuming process that involves looking for a reliable and trustworthy betting house among the hundreds of offers in the industry. BET-IBC, on the other hand, takes it upon itself to solve those issues for the sake of its clients. Punters that register for a betting account with broker immediately notice the difference and attest to how easy placing their wagers and enjoying the profits becomes afterward.

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