BetBurger Review

BetBurger Review: BetBurger is must-use software for those who want to benefit from arbitrage betting. There are many other sites, but none have a user-friendly attitude like BetBurger, which has found a niche clientele. In this article, the main focus will be on various aspects relating to BetBurger.

Betburger Review

Before moving forward to Betburger Review, it is essential to understand what BetBurger is all about and why it is significant when there are so many betting sites. Today, a large number of people are taking to betting, some as a profession while resting as leisure, but in both cases, they are making good money. The best thing about this site is it helps you to understand the bets that you will fetch you a good profit. The software holds a large number of events across the globe on one platter. BetBurger reaches to various markets and scans bookies and sports.

Background of BetBurger

BetBurger was founded in 2013 and owned by manila based Aspra Limited. It is an arbitrage betting service provider that claims to offer Surebets as investments. The software claims to have more than 75,000 users base that makes it among the most popular betting sites. BetBurger is a company that has produced the software for semi-automation and support of Arbitrage Betting and Technical Value Betting. The core team of the software comprising of software developers sits in Ukraine. They provide tech support and develop the software to make more user- friendly.

 BetBurger Surebet

This is the most exciting feature being offered on the BetBurger website. There is always a fear of losing your entire money betting bookmakers. The software created the feature ‘Surebet finder,’ designed in such a way that irrespective of the results, you earn a considerable amount of profit.

BetBurger Automatically Picks Arbitrage Pairs

The prime focus of BetBurger Arbitrage software is to automatically distinguish arbitrage pairs and convey the same to their clients. Unlike average betting sites, BetBurger tells you where to place your bet. The technology-driven software does the searching. This makes it efficient and fast. Doing the work manually is tedious and time-consuming. It kills the purpose of arbitrage betting, also called Technical Value Betting. The Betburger software has been designed in such a way that it helps users to bet at ease.

Arbitrage Betting

To understand BetBurger, it is essential to know what is meant by arbitrage betting. Arbitrage betting is when the player covers all the outcomes of any event, and you return a profit amount irrespective of the result. It is not easy as it sounds since it is not possible to make a profit on every single event or market. The bookmakers or bookies are quite smart and calculate the profit before you make a move. Well, they do this to safeguard their interest. Anyone willing to turn a profit through arbitrage betting or technical value betting can take advantage of BetBurger. To avail of the services, you need to have accounts in at least some of the supported bookmakers.

Sports Arbitrage Betting

The sports arbitrage is regarded among the most profitable placement of bets. It is a mathematically calculated arbitrage situation that allows placing bets on all the divergent outcomes with diverse bookmakers. You make a profit despite the result. The sports betting become an investment with more than a 10% yield of the amount invested monthly.

What leads to arbitrage situations in sports? Bookmakers are in constant competition towards one another. Therefore, quite often, they set overstated odds. As a result, sports arbitrage betting (Surebet) arises.

Interface and functionality of BetBurger

The BetBurger is straightforward and user-friendly. The interface is functional and easy to use. Blue and grey colors have been used to help you concentrate on arbs.

The Working Area is Divided Into Many Parts

User Panel: You can set the arbs by percent, age, starting time, etc. group arbs by the event. Apart from that, you can set the text/notification/sound. You can also access the quick filter editing and events/arbs/outcomes that you have hidden previously.

Available arbs list: Here, you can see the arbs available as per the multifilter settings. After selecting an arb from the list, the software shows you a full listing of arbitrage situations in the right part of the scanner with a handy calculator.

Surebet calculator: It enables you to make all the handy calculations and estimate the bets with a possible amount. You can also set a currency for each bookie. €€€€€€.

BetBurger has a Subscription-Based Model

BetBurger, just like other Arbitrage and Value Betting services, has a subscription-based model. Once you pay the fee, you receive uninterrupted service until the period is over. The software is web-based, meaning there is nothing to install on your computer. You gain access to a page on BetBurger’s website, where your arbs are running.

Let’s understand this with an example:

In any game or match, irrespective of discipline can have only three possible outcomes.

  • A win for the home team
  • A victory for the away team
  • The match ending in a draw

Suppose one bookmaker is required to place his/her bet on these three outcomes. He will incur a loss due to the over round playing. To make a profit considering all the consequences as equal, the bookmakers will have to involve pricing markets in their favor. Most of the bookmakers exercise diverse odds by updating at a distinct time, enabling them to take advantage of such opportunities. Players place their bets on the various outcomes at favorable odds offering to make a profit. Imagine, two clubs are playing a football match. The software finds out if these sets of odds can return a profit and how much to stake on each outcome to do so.

Calculating Arbitrage Betting:

The method entails placing bets on all outcomes of an event at odds that promises profit irrespective of results. Let’s understand this with the help of the market. Based on the popularity of an event taking place, the fair market will be priced at 100%. The bookmakers will place the odds in such a way that price goes the 100% mark, having the edge over the rest. Arbitrage opportunities are just the opposite. When markets show up a discrepancy in pricing between two equal goods, there is not always an arbitrage opportunity.

Features of Betburger (Review)

BetBurger is working directly through the browser. Users can easily access all the essential information on arbs and calculators. You may set the layout according to the following categories as per the order of your preferences:

  • Percent: by percent, ascending to descending
  • Age: date, new to old
  • Beginning time: The start time
  • Middles: by middles
  • ROI: by “investment yield”

BetBurger Offers Calculator:

The BetBurger software provides an easy to use calculator apart from a large number of functions. You can use the calculator to round the stakes, calculate bookmaker commission, select the currency you want, and compare the odds of other bookies, among other things.

Three categories of BetBurger:

  • Prematch arbs
  •  Live arbs
  •  Value bets

 1. Prematch arbs:

Prematch arbs offer arbing opportunities that are available before any event has begun, which are popular among the fresher to the game as they usually allow more time to place bets with the various bookmakers before the odds change. However, odds can change abruptly, despite allowing more time to place your bets compared to live arbs. Yet, here you have to be agile and move before you think. The reason is opportunities do bring a positive result but do not stay for very long. Hence, you need to be very quick to make the decision and make your move. The result can fetch you an excellent profit provided your move was on time. Though there is a lot of option to choose from while playing the bets on BetBurger but one of the easy ways to go with the concept of sports arbitrage. BetBurger arbitrage betting software scans around 30 kinds of sport for Prematch allowing clients to pick and choose out unique arbitrage situations.

2. Live arbs:

To acknowledge Live arbs, let’s take the example of a football match that will make things clear. Red card, a goal, penalty, or even a substitution all effect odds, which means you have to take prompt decision to avail of advantages of the opportunities. When there are profitable arbitrage opportunities during an event, it is called Live arbs.

However, it is always advisable for beginners or fresher to stay away from in-play arbs. This segment is made for those who have a considerable amount of experience in the betting and knows how to place bets with agility. The speed matters since it all depend on how you make a move. There is a chance to lose the money if you fail to place the bet fast as the odds shift dramatically, catching you unaware. However, there is more change that has a profit in the in-play as compared to pre-match as odds move more frequently.

3. Value bets:

Value bets provide benefits for long term players. These are not arbs and do not guaranty that it will fetch profit always. There are 50/50 chances. However, as the name goes, the bets have a value that comes from bookmakers overpricing specific markets. This usually happens when the bookmaker doesn’t update their odds in-line with others. BetBurger determines value bets by comparing the odds that bookmakers offer to the odds of the ‘world line.

These bets can be classed as an advantage ‘play bets’ that do not return a profit every time a bet is placed, but there is a chance that it will return a profit in the long-term. However, you will face winning and losing streaks if you are among the regular to place value bets. You will earn a profit. Often you will find a good number of value bets here. The bookies often appear to be too generous. BetBurger arbitrage betting software scans a massive variety of sports, nearly 25, offering customers to select special arbitrage situations.

User-friendly Software:

Often people are interested in betting, but they dare not to do so due to their lack of knowledge. Average sites available on betting are suitable for the players who are regular in placing bets. In such a situation, the BetBurger website is user-friendly with features that are simple to understand. Even those with no or minimum experience can use it effectively.

Once you log into the site, you can straight away go to the prematch, live, or value betting segments by clicking on the navigation bar. The site will display the profitable arbing opportunities that are available when you are placing your bet that helps to understand the trends of the moment. Apart from that, the BetBurger website helps you to know where to place your bet by showing the ‘ideal stakes’ based on your desired combined stake and the profit you will make based on those stakes and the available odds. The software can be accessed on desktop, tablets, and mobile phones. However, keeping the hi-tech digital booming across the world, when the next-gen is more hooked up to the mobiles, it is natural for BetBurger to have a considerable user base engaging in betting on the mobile platform.

Once you are on the website, you will find each bookmaker opening up a new window and subsequently direct you to the event page offering selected arb on the site of the associated bookmakers. However, you should be patient and understand the offers carefully. After you have been through the offers, you can place your bet. You can repeat the same process with other bookers waiting for you to respond and complete your arb.

Clients Panel of BetBurger:

The paid members on BetBurger are allowed to enter their personal profiles. On the left of the screen, scan results display settings are located where the Surebets can be sorted by profit rate, ROI (if available in tariff), age, and event start time. Apart from that, the player can switch to the middles scanning results. Sound or text notification can be used so that the player does not miss any new Surebets.

The built-in Surebets calculator provides a very convenient feature “close odds” besides the standard Surebet arm calculator. This feature is needed when odds of one of the Surebet arms decrease, and you are required to replace it at another bookmaker urgently.

Additional Features of BetBurger

Arb Helper: This is an in-house feature implemented as a plug-in that can be downloaded as a scanner website free of cost. The software allows placing bets directly from the calculator in the bookmaker’s shop.

Assimilation with Bet Fair exchange market: It allows you to connect an exchange market account to the Betburger account.

Odds comparison service: The best offers are listed as table after scanning Bookmakers’ odds are scanned. To find the best odds, you have to choose an event and market and ABB.

Payment Methods of  BetBurger (Review)

BetBurger is a paid site, and anything exciting comes with a price. The best thing about this betting site is you get different payment modules – an annual, monthly pay package, and even a daily services subscription. You can select the one that suits your pocket.

Daily Subscription:

Often people want to try by placing a bet as being new; they want to give it a try but are unable to do so as you are required to enter into a long-term payment module. The best thing about BetBurger is that it offers an arbing service that has a daily subscription module making its exclusive service. By doing this, it attracts those who are willing to play once or place their bet on a particular day or enjoy their leisure. The daily subscription is currently priced at EUR 6.49 for pre-match and EUR 10.99 for live arbs.

Weekly Subscription:

People can also choose the weekly subscription service made especially for those who are not keen on entering into long payment service and prefer a short payment service than what is usual on the market. Currently, it sells for EUR 34.99 for pre-match and EUR 55.99 for live arbs.

Monthly Subscription:

However, if you are looking for a pocket-friendly payment service and are regular to bet, then the best option that you can go for is the monthly subscription. This is considered to be the standard payment service offering an outstanding market. The company also offers a special discount to those who plan to arb/ value bet every day. The current price is EUR 99.99 for pre-match and EUR 189.99 for live arbs.

Annual Subscription:

The yearly subscription is the final option and the cheapest one on a day-to-day basis. The current price of the annual subscription for pre-match arbs is EUR 839.99, which equates around EUR 70 per month. The live arb package for a whole year sells for EUR 1599.99. In the summer months, it is a bit quieter on the arbing field since most football tournaments are in a summer break. However, that does not mean there is no match or event in these months.

Biannual Subscription:

Apart from these payment services, you also get the option of a biannual subscription. This has been placed at a little higher price as compared to the regular annual payment service, but the user will avail of some benefits, including a discount on prices. The price you need to pay is EUR 479.99 (translating to around EUR 80 per month) for the pre-match and EUR 914.99 for the live package.

Options to pay Subscription:

There is a payment service just right to suit your requirements. You can choose from the plan being offered. However, it is advisable to go for the annual payment service, which is regular and good at placing bets. There are different methods to make the payment for your selected package – You can pay your subscription fee in many ways. Currently, Skrill/Neteller/Visa/MasterCard is available. Once you pay the subscription fee, the service starts immediately.

Gambling Regulations Differ from Country to Country:

Every country has its rules on gambling. It is therefore always advisable to confirm the availability of the bookmakers of interest in the country that you are residing to avoid any complications. The documents you require to join the BetBurger – a valid copy of your ID, utility bills to prove your address, and eventually some additional documents. You will be able to bet on the site once your account is verified.

The Registration Process of BetBurger

However, if you do not want to subscribe or register immediately, even then, you can do so. You can visit the website – Then you have to click on either the Prematch, Live, or Value Bets sections. You have to remember that the facility is restricted, and you can enjoy free users’ limits on the quality of the arbs you can access. Those who are not registered on the website are limited to arbs with 1% profit, which has a 900-second delay on prematch arbs and a 60-second delay on live arbs. It is, therefore, always advisable to get yourself registered as being free users; you will miss out on the lucrative and profitable arbs. There is a fair chance to lose these arbs as it may disappear due to the delay when you decide to place the bets.

The real action begins when you register yourself on the BetBurger website. There are numerous advantages of being a paid account holder, and betting also gets easy as then the site will help you to earn the profit. As already discussed, you can select the payment service from the options depending on your pocket. The price of the package will be combined, allowing a discount if you choose options from both categories. For example, suppose you have market both the pre-match and live arbs on daily payment service, then the total amount you need to pay would be €6.46 + €10.99 = €17.45. Being a paid user also allows you to enjoy excellent flexibility, depending on the service you have selected.

Our Verdict

The BetBurger site has been online since 2014 and has earned a reputation among the arbitrage bettors. The user-friendly software holds a wide variety of arbs in terms of bookmakers and markets available. This is the best software available for arbitrage betting. You can find unique arbs that do not exist in the other products, which prolongs the life of your bookmaker’s accounts. You must open an account on BetBurger if you are looking for a secure and reliable website on betting.

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