Betting Tips for the Beginners

Betting or the practice of wagering money on the outcome of events, especially athletic competitions, is almost as old as man. You can find its mentions in the old literature and books in the form of casting lots, which is a form of gambling. Almost every sport out there can be bet on, whether humans or animals play them. Sports betting is considered to be a straightforward form of gambling. People who often bet on sports are known as punters (the UK and most of Europe) or bettors (U.S and rest of the world). Nobody is born with knowledge, and we have to educate ourselves. Hence, we are bringing you the best betting tips.

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Are Betting Tips Important to Ace Your Betting Game?

-As a beginner, new to the world of betting on sports, you must educate yourself with the betting terminology and methods. You are going to be putting your hard-earned money at risk, so the well equipped you are, the better. This is where betting tips will play a vital role.

-Realistically speaking, your skill and ability to analyze the odds will benefit you more than anything else, such as luck. But the game of betting or gambling is never certain. The odds are never completely in either side’s favor. There are instances in history where the unexpected party has won. It is always advisable to do your due diligence and be prepared with the basics.

-A proper understanding of how everything works is very practical, even if you only plan to bet for fun or if you want to take a serious interest in sports investment and plan on making long-term profits.

This article will act as a guide for you so you can make the best and informed decisions with the best betting tips.

How Betting Originated?

The first recorded transaction of sports betting dates back more than to the Greek civilization. Their fascination with athletics and sports led them to launch the first Olympic Games to the world. These games have the earliest records of gambling.

Ancient Rome was next in line, borrowing the art of betting from the Greeks. As civilization progressed, gambling spread to other countries in the world, especially Britain, where horse races were a sign of aristocracy and a clandestine hobby and eventually betting on horses became their favorite pastime. As the British Empire spread to almost most of the world, the game of betting spread too, chiefly to the US and Europe, which is today the largest sports betting industry.

Throughout history, gambling has achieved almost professional status, with its legalization in Las Vegas and several other parts of the world. And now with the dawn of the Internet and the ease of online betting sites, the gambling world has seen an explosion in recognition.

Sports Betting in Modern Times

No other factor has contributed more to the boom of betting in modern-day culture than the advent of the Internet. Before, betting on sports was an isolated business, conducted in the shadows with bookkeepers or in private among friends. With the arrival of the Internet, it has become universal as any person has the luxury of placing bets anytime from any part of the world. With online betting, you can place bets on matches from your own home, while watching the live game on your television.

With sports, the odds change every so often, and thus the betting lines change as the match progresses. With online betting tips, you can find the best betting odds as you will be able to witness the lines change, especially when betting on live matches. You can track bets through important features like live in-play betting and cash out options.

As a result, sports’ betting has seen a surge in its popularity with its beginner-friendly rules, fueled by online betting sites and an array of comfortable features they offer. According to the Daily Mail, the global sports betting market may be as high as three trillion a year.

Different Sports and Markets that are Available in the Betting Industry

In India, the most common sports to bet on, both online and offline, have been cricket and horseback racing. In the US, the games of soccer (football) and basketball, along with polo are the hottest sports to bet on. The gambling industry, especially in Las Vegas, reportedly makes business in millions of dollars every year. Nevada was the first state in the US to legalize sports betting in 1949. In the US, football is the preferred sport of choice to bet on, as evident by the lucrative business is done by their National Football League and college football.  In England, their national fever of football and horse races sees the most revenue in betting.

Sports such as combat sports (UFC) such as boxing, Martial arts, NASCAR, golf, and tennis, also see betting in huge numbers.

Why betting tips are important?

The sports industry and betting industry is ever-changing and fluid. For example, if you bet on a team and won in the previous season, the same result is unlikely to happen. Teams change, players change, they are either eliminated or leave due to injury, new and promising players join the lineup, the particular sport may be facing a recession and unethical scandals such as match-fixing in Indian cricket. No two seasons are the same. The odds are always changing. Hence, a fresh bettor needs to keep himself well informed and up to date with everything happening in the betting industry. Thus, betting tips will enable them to do it easily.

How the Betting Tips will Help you Flourish your Sports Betting Game?

As easy as sports betting sounds in person, it has its own strategy and tactics. As seen by several instances in history, bookies often prey on new and hopeful bettors by showing odds that will eventually lead to their loss and the bookie’s win. With the rise of online betting sites, the chances of this happening are rare to none, as these sites monitor the bookie’s behavior and ensure maximum safety to the bettors. Yet even today, 90% of new bettors still use money, as they lack the knowledge and tactics required to make the most of betting. They lack a strategy and essential betting tips that will lead them to make the most out of their money.

A serious study of the art of sports betting and helpful tips can prove beneficial to everyone interested in this industry. There are usually three types of bettors- The Novice bettor, who is new to the betting world and who views betting as a casual pastime, usually to support their favorite team, or by peer pressure. The Punters, who after a few casual wins at betting, get overconfident and bet a significant amount of their money and then the very rare professional bettors, who over the years have developed their art of obsessive gambling.

Betting Tips that you Must Know

Placing a bet is simple, both during matches and offline. Choose the amount of money you want to bet and on what team. The money won while placing a bet is simply calculated by multiplying the money you have placed over the bet, called a stake, with all the odds that are offered initially by the bookmaker.

There are different options available to make a bet. You can go to a bookkeeper or contact via telephone. Modern technology has enabled the betting platform to flourish over the internet. While betting, you need to pay attention to the posting lines. From there, you can decide the team you want to bet on. There are different modules of lines like Plus and Minus, Over and Under, and the money line.

To place a bet by approaching the shop, you will receive a betting slip by the bookkeeper. You can decide how much you want to bet and risk. Then note these details down on the betting slip. Usually, you only have to put the money you will wager. Once you win, the calculation for bookkeeper betting will take place on the slip.

Online, it’s much simpler and preferred by betting enthusiasts all around the globe. You can check out all of the listings easily, even for the sports that are not available in your region. It includes different games and sports. Commonly known as a sportsbook, you can easily sign up and log in to start making bets. You can select the best and enter the amount. The calculation is automated and the site will directly withdraw money from your account. An additional confirmation measure will be taken to ensure that you’ve placed the bet, to avoid any bets placed by mistake.

With the introduction of online betting sites, many favors online betting to betting in the high street with your local bookie.  Better lines and more betting options, the option of cashing out from anywhere, ease of placing bets instantly, big bonuses just for signing up, VIP and loyalty reward schemes have seen more bettors flock to these sites more.

The Basic Betting Tips that Hold Extreme Importance

1. Choose the sport of your choice:

As a beginner, starting in the betting industry; it is unwise to stake money on multiple sports in the hope of making profits. This will only lead to an eventual loss.  The general knowledge of one particular sport can prove essential while betting on it, whether you are an ardent sports fan or just a novice. An in-depth understanding of the sports will benefit the bettor in the long run and help them make better moves to maximize winning. Having a calm and analytical mind will make it easier to make better predictions at the game.

Take cricket, for example. A sports team can easily change from one season to the next. The members of the team can change; they may be suspended or not playing as well. But there have been scandals involving players or the game; all these factors affect the outcome of the match so serious sports bettors must keep an eye out for such news. So the first betting tip for you is to familiarise yourself with one sport at a time. Really dive into the stats on the sports organization’s website or sportsbook site.

2. Find a reliable sportsbook online:

  • In the age of the Internet and online betting, several online betting sites have emerged, making it a daunting task to choose a single reliable platform. Whichever site you choose must meet some basic guidelines and requirements. These betting tips will ensure that you’re on a genuine platform.
  • Live betting on an online betting site allows you to bet on an ongoing match while you watch it online or on your tv. This new feature has become a must for online sportsbooks these days, so be wary of sites that don’t offer it.
  • The tax that online sportsbooks charge for betting, especially on sports is known as juice or vigorish. The amount of juice that you’re paying affects your betting strategy. Some sportsbooks even offer cheaper lines, which means you need to wager 5% less each time.
  • Sportsbooks will give beginners and newbie a deposit bonus to start their betting journey. Various bonuses such as Sign-Up Bonuses, Free Bets, Reload Bonuses, Refer-a-friend Bonuses, Standard Price Bet Bonus, Accumulator Bonus, Live-Bet Bonuses, Mobile Bonuses, Hidden Bonuses, Risk-free Wager Bonus, Bitcoin Bonuses and Seasonal Bonuses are also given.
  • Finding the best possible odds and lines must be your top priority. This has been made abundantly easier to do online, as sportsbooks are required by law to show the odds and lines they offer for all their sports betting markets. It’s thus worthwhile to have accounts at more than one sportsbook and compare the lines at each sportsbook before deciding where to place your bets. Follow this betting tip to get better odds.
  • Online sportsbooks often run special offers and promotions to entice bettors to use their sites, such as enhanced odds or cashback on certain bets. If a sportsbook has the option of subscribing to their site or email chai to receive updates, they do so as this will help in the long run.

3. Favorite and Underdog:

When the sportsbook or the bookie releases a line (also known as opening) on a game, they make it clear which team they expect to win or which team they expect to lose. The favorite is the team that is sure to win according to the sportsbook, while the underdog is expected to lose. If both teams are expected to win or lose, bettors are told to “pick-em”.

4. Learn to read odds and lines:

Odds offered by the bookkeeper show the probability of any particular result, whether it is a win or a loss. The more likely outcome, the lower the odds released will be. It is not an exact or precise science. They can change rapidly as the match progresses. Remember that lower odds return a higher profit.

They also tell you how much money you can make to win relative to your stake, or if you win. This is why they are often referred to as the “price” of a bet. A bet can have a price that’s either odds on ( the amount you win will be less than the money you bet) or odds against ( the amount you win will be greater than the money you bet).

Odds can be expressed in several different formats such as Decimal, Money line (or American) and Fractional (British). Decimal is the most common format used. American sports betting odds work sometimes known as Money line Odds. Referred to as British Odds, UK Odds, or Traditional Odds, Fractional Odds are in use in Britain, mostly in horse racing.

5. Money spreads:

There are many types of wagers. This is the most literal type. You are betting on the team you think, and you are sure will win the game outright. If you are sure that the Indian team will beat the Australian team in this World Cup, you will bet on the Indian team.

Look at the point spread first before you move onto the money spread. If the point spread seems to be in the positives, then the team is expected to win. If it’s in the negatives, they are expected to lose.

Factors such as weather also affect your money spread.

6. Money lines or American Odds:

These refer to either how much you have to bet to win a certain sum of money or how much you’ll win if you bet a certain amount of money. These odds are expressed in numbers of 100 dollars usually, as these odds are mostly used in the USA. But that doesn’t mean you can only start with only 100 dollars. A bet of 5 dollars or 10 dollars can be made too. These are commonly used in hockey, baseball, boxing, and even car racing.

The team that is the favorite is represented with a minus sign and the team expected to lose is represented with a positive sign. Both are placed on either side of the line.

The money lines change over time, however. The sports betting market is fast-paced and very flaccid. Throughout the day, bookmakers will regulate the odds depending on how many bets are being made and other instances, such as injuries and weather.

7. Point spread:

also is known as run lines or puck lines. These are a little more complicated to understand. This is usually considered a handicap manufactured by bookkeepers to minimize their loss. Imagine the first match between a champion team and a team of new players. Who are you betting on? The champion team clearly, as it is guaranteed to win. If only gambling was that easy. There would be no need for online sportsbooks or bookkeepers. Thus to make the process more beneficial for the bookies, point spreads are used. These are used especially for football and basketball.

In this type of odds, both teams are given an equal chance of winning. Points given to both teams are equal at the beginning.

Take two teams, for example. Team A is the favorite and is anticipated to win the game. It is represented by the minus sign. Team B is the underdog and most likely to lose. It is represented by a plus sign. So if the bookkeeper decides to assign 6 points to begin the man, then:

Team A -6

Team B +6

The 6 point mark is the point mark by which either team can win or lose by. If you believe that Team A will win by more than 6 points, you bet on Team A. They have to score more than 6 points to win.

If you are confident that Team B can win or loss by less than 6 points, you should bet on Team B.

Additional Mistakes to Avoid While Betting

1. Practice makes a man perfect. Before you begin to place actual bets on online sportsbooks, it is good to practice beforehand. There are various sites online that offer betting practices are simulators to hone your betting skills. Always keep this betting tip in mind.

2. Set a budget. This will help you manage your bankroll better. Proper money management is the key not to let losses affect you. Setting aside a budget for your betting practice will be beneficial in the long run.

3. Chasing your bets is used to describe the practice of increasing the amount of money you bet with every respective bet. This is the major cause of losses, especially among beginners who get overconfident with a few menial wins and risk their hard-earned money in hopes of winning big. Your best betting tip here is to stay consistent with the amount of money you wager so as not to suffer losses.

4. Prevent getting addicted. In addition to losing money, there is another risk that comes with sports betting: the possibility of getting addicted. The stress that is involved in betting and the eventual anger and disheartenment is not for the fainthearted. Always keep your habits in check and remember that betting is only for fun. Sports betting is a lucrative business, but it also has its downfalls. Choose wisely.

5. A new bank account. When betting on online sportsbooks, it is advisable to use a separate bank account, other than your current bank account. This will protect you from hackers and help you manage your income better. It is advisable to have a separate account for your betting activity. This is one of the best betting tips anyone will ever tell you. Very safe.

6. Always use secure payment methods. The site must have a reliable payment system, providing various banks and ease of withdrawal and depositing. Look for options such as credit cards, debit cards, e-wallets, Bitcoin, and pay by phone, Google Pay.

7. Don’t disclose personal information and credentials to anyone, especially local bookies. Be cautious on sites that ask you to give credit card information upfront. If the site is overrun by ads, it’s a most likely scam.

8. Use a VPN while online betting. A virtual private network (VPN) secures your connection in a public network such as the Internet. It secures your data, so your network provider will be restricted from selling the information you put online such as your bank account number, passwords, and other precious data.

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