BSO Platform: The Betting Software Review

Nowadays, the Internet is filled with online betting bookies claiming to be the silver bullet for making huge profits out of your favorite games and competitions. However, that’s a rather difficult claim to back on their own, even for the ones that are legitimate businesses. The reality many pro bettors face is that they don’t only need a high-quality serious establishment, but several of them. This carries a particular set of issues and problems, which difficult for their venture. Fortunately, the best betting software is here to do way with all of them and clearly ensure a profitable and satisfying betting experience by offering a single account to handle multiple bookmakers

BSO Betting Software Review

Basic Concept was conceived with a clear objective in mind: to assist punters around the world in their sports betting endeavors. To effectively do so, gathering all the best value-offering bookmakers and presenting them in a single interface to facilitate their quick and effective comparison is just the first step. Then, they go the extra mile by also applying the latest technological advancements in order to guarantee the consolidation of multiple opportunities in a single website, facilitating the decision-making process. Moreover, during this review, we will further explain all the benefits.

Advantages of a Single Account to Handle Many Bookmakers

Even though a reliable bookie is a necessity for every bettor, every punter worth their salt knows that only one is not enough. That was the case before the online betting era and it is even more important now that competition among brands usually force them to provide real-value odds. However, the process becomes a rather tedious one, since it involves the following steps:

  1. Look for reliable bookmakers that offer really competitive odds.
  2. Follow the registering process on each site.
  3. Fund each account separately.
  4. Log in on each bookie’s website and manually check their odds.
  5. Compere them by jumping from one site to the next.

Just the first two steps can take days or even weeks, which is something highly discouraging; while the last two can ultimately result in wasted time, or even worst, lost opportunities, and last but certainly not least, the third one is just plain inefficient and rather risky. As a whole, this process makes it impossible to implement a successful betting strategy.

The main advantage BSO offer is precisely the possibility of avoiding the aforementioned process as a whole, as this sports betting software is the one in charge of assessing the most reliable and competitive bookies, and with only one registering and funding process, you will be able to handle multiple bookmakers through one account and compare their odds with a single glance. Then, you just need to take the ones that you consider the most appropriate in line with your expertise and place your wager accordingly.

Bigger Betting Limits and Access to Restricted Betting Brands

Another advantage is that several of the best brands have geopolitical limitations. It means that clients from certain parts of the world are not allowed to open or keep accounts with them. Likewise, regardless of the size of the betting house, they will still have limits in terms of wagering, since they have to make sure to tend to the needs of all their clients.

With BSO, however, those limitations are nonexistent, given that the platform acts as an intermediary for the location-restricted punters and offers the possibility to place wagers on different sites at the same time, effectively widening the betting limits.

La Crème De La Crème of Bookmakers in the Same Platform

At this point, we need to define which characteristics make a betting house a part of the best online betting brands. First is reliability. This usually comes in the form of long-standing tradition and experience. However, that’s not always the case. There are some bookies that, in spite of being relatively new in the business, make extraordinary use of technology to provide services than can be valuable. Therefore, BSO determines the reliability of a brand by considering its reputation, client satisfaction rates, and a series of operational and technological protocols.

Additionally, they are always looking for new additions to their already extensive catalog. Consequently, any bookie that wants to join the online sports betting software just needs to comply with the aforementioned prerequisites and pass the rigorous vetting process. This guarantees that bettors will always have a respectable range of good options only from the very best brands.

High-tech Easy-to-use Interface is a fast and easy-to-use website. Its interface is simple yet attractive and provides all the information in a neat and orderly fashion. Furthermore, the odds are shown side by side by default, which facilitates comparing them and choosing the most profitable ones. However, it is flexible enough for punters to be able to customize it in case they need it.

The site is also completely optimized for mobile devices, which enables the use of smartphones and tablets for a better betting experience while avoiding the need for downloadable apps. Regarding security, the latest 128-bit SSL protocols are deployed in order to safeguard all personal information as well as financial data generated from all deposits & withdrawals.

Payment Solutions

Here’s another aspect where BSO truly shines. For instance, there are three types of payment options for you to fund your betting account and there’s a fourth (CashToCode) on the way. Those are

  • Bank transfers. This is the most traditional payment method. However, be advised that in the best betting platform this option is destined for high rollers since the minimal amount of money that can be transferred to and from your betting account is 100 euros or its equivalent in other currencies.
  • E-wallets. Mainly Skrill and Neteller. They offer great security and low transfers commission alongside the fast allocation of funds. The minimal amount for both deposits and withdrawals is 30 euros.
  • This payment method has gained quite popularity in recent years because it offers greater security and is not restricted by any government. Among the myriad of options available, BSO works with the most widely accepted ones, namely Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Tether. The limits for deposit and withdrawal are likewise located at 100 euros.

The good news is that, even though there are minimal amounts, there is not a maximum, which means you can deposit to your betting account and withdraw as much as you want. A great advantage for many bettors, especially high rollers.

Professional Assistance

BSO considers those semantics important. That’s why they use assisting instead of supporting, since theirs is a team that includes a group of customer service experts available on a 24/7 basis in 8 languages, alongside an accounting department that handles all financial transactions as fast as humanly possible, and an administrative panel that not only makes sure that everything runs smoothly but is also constantly in the lookout for adding new and exciting features requested by punters themselves.


Each one of those incredible features makes for a great solution for online sports betting. However, all of them together make one of the main stars in the gambling industry. What’s most surprising is the fact that accessing them only requires you to open a single online betting account. BSO will make sure that everything else is just simple and fast.

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