Football Trading Strategies – A Beginner’s Guide

Gone are those days when people just used to watch football matches on the television and have fun and enjoy their time with friends and fans. These days a football match is more than just a clash between two football teams playing on the ground. Of course, you can’t play any part in your favorite teams’ football match but you can now put a bet on your favorite team and win money while enjoying the match from the comfort of your home. There are multiple platforms where you can put your bets on a football match and win money. But like any other betting platform, you can lose money for football betting too. In case you wish to bet safely and securely, it might be a good idea to go for football trading.

Football Trading Strategies – A Beginner’s Guide

How is Football Trading different from Football Betting?

Football betting is really easy to understand. The term betting associated with football tells you a lot about what you are about to deal with. Yes! It’s about putting your bets but this time it’s on football matches. Mostly football betting involves gambling your money on the outcome of a match. But in some cases or to be specific on some of the betting platforms you are allowed to bet on goal scorers, best players, and many more. Well, those are just the variations and you can stick with the term betting for the moment instead of going deep into the betting options that the different betting systems have to offer.

Assuming that you have got the basic concept of football betting, let’s talk about what football trading is. Well, of course, you have heard the term trading before and as soon as you hear the word ”trading”, you will start picturing pie charts, bar charts, graphs, showing stock values, going up and down, etc. Well, football trading is somewhat similar to what general trading means. In football trading too, you need to study, understand, and comprehend the performance of a particular team and then predict the future outcome of the match they play. It might sound similar to football betting but there are slight differences.

Yes, you put your money on a certain result and if your guess is correct, you win money, but the basic difference between betting and trading is that once you place a bet, there is a chance of incurring a certain amount of loss if your choice is not correct, whereas in case of trading you have the option to exit your money and have a distinct control on how much you lose. On the other hand, if you think your choice of bet is on the right odds, you can choose to invest more and most importantly you can do all these trading while the match is going on, whereas you have to place a bet before the game starts and you cannot do anything to stop your loss once you place your bets.

For example, let’s say there is a match to be played between Team A and Team B. You decide to put a bet on Team A that they will win 2-0. Now once you place the bets there is no turning back. You can lose it all, or you can win it, there is no way you can change your bets once the match has begun. Now assume the same scenario as a football trader. You choose to put your money on Team A winning the match with a score 2-0. Now at a particular point, if you think that the result is not likely to be what you thought, you can exit your trade with a minimal loss of money. As you can understand, if you can guess the right outcome of the game you will money in both the cases but trading will allow you to minimize your loss and you have the option to exit your trade anytime even when the match is going on.

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Choosing the Right Time and Market for Football Trading

While you choose football trading over football betting, you need to know when you need to trade and the market for which you can trade.

Pre-Game Trading:

This is one of the well-known methods of football trading. This kind of trading usually happens before the match begins. Pre-game trading involves team news which is easy to deal with once you know the players that might have a significant effect on a particular match and therefore putting an effect on the odd as well.

It mostly depends on the player that is left out of the team, for example, a team leaving out a striker is most likely to score lesser goals whereas a team playing with a prominent defender might consider more goals than they should.

As you can understand, trading on team news is a market that will change rapidly with time. That is why you need to put your bets pretty quickly. For this purpose, you need to use betting software to avoid any kind of delay in placing bets. Make sure that you do your research in advance and react fast to the market changes.

In-Game Trading:

Another popular market for football trading is In-game trading. This particular market is not only profitable but also exciting as well. While you choose to go for this type of trading, remember that timing is really important. Make sure that you are watching the match constantly on TV so that you can put your bets on time. Normally there is a slight delay in broadcasting time between radio and TV which is why using a radio is always better than using a TV and you can have that split second advantage while trading.

Even after you decide to go for in-game trading there is a lot to do. In case you watch football games regularly it is most likely that you will have an idea about different teams and match situations. To trade successfully during a live match it is really important to understand when a team can score a goal or which team has the odds to score next.

Over/Under 2.5 Goals:

Trading on goals to be scored in a match is highly interesting. The most popular bet in this market is Over/Under 2.5 goals. Betting on Under 2.5 goals is relatively easy. Time decay is mostly associated with Under 2.5 goals bet. Once the match is played for a certain amount of time, it becomes easier to predict the Under 2.5 goals instead of Over 2.5 goals. Although there is always a chance that a last-minute goal might turn your profit to loss, that’s the risk betting involves and you must be aware of the factor. The best time to predict an Over 2.5 Goal is at the beginning or in a match when already there are 2 goals in the match. The strategy is to back your bet until you think you will lose your money and then you can change your bet or exit without incurring a loss. But once again remember that timing in a live game trading is really important.

Back The Loser:

Similar to any trading, there is an advanced stage in football trading as well. This type of betting mainly requires a match where you have a favorite team to back. You need to wait till the underdog team scores against the run of play and then depending on the time remaining on the match or the time at which the goal is scored, you will have to put your bet on the favorite team. One might put their argument against it since the favorite team is losing, but if you check the odds of the favorite team winning that particular match, you will presumably see the chance to win a lot more money than at the beginning of the match.

Football trading strategies that are low risk:

As you can understand football trading is pretty much risky but that being said, few strategies are less risky to be precise. Before going into discussing the strategies you must remember one thing clearly that even though these strategies are less risky, there will be a certain amount of risk involved for sure and you might lose all your money. So, be precise and certain before you place your bet and it should be fine for you.

Secure in-game trading:

In-game trading is not only one of the popular trading markets, but also it comes with a high element of risk involved in it. Whenever a bet promises to have high returns, it’s almost certain that there are high levels of risks involved too. So, to avoid this type of risks you need to choose a trading market that has lesser risks and lower wining promises.

One such market might be going for Under 2.5 goals. This is a market that has the most likelihood of having pretty much good odds yet it does not possess a high risk. Unless the match is between two league leaders, it’s most unlikely that there will be more than 2.5 goals in a single match. Furthermore choosing the time to place your bet is important and knowing when to exit with a lower amount of loss as well. For example, if you choose to bet for Under 2.5 goals with a scoreline of 0-0 at 75 minutes, it is obvious that you might get a lower amount of profit.

On the other hand, you need to know when you should exit the market. For example, if you have put your bet for Under 2.5 goals and the scoreline is 2-0 at 75 minutes, it could be a good choice to exit the market even before the game finishes and incur a small amount of loss. Because it might so happen that the team leading might score more goals, or the team chasing the game might score 1 or 2 goals. In both cases, you will lose all your money. So, it will be wise to exit the market when you have the chance.

Back “The Favorite”:

This is a fairly easy thing to do deal with. Technically you pick a match where there is a certain favorite team in the game. So, you can just put your bets on the favorite team and sit back and relax to have your profit. That being said, you have to remember that there is always a chance for the underdog team to rise and beat the favorite team and you need to know when you should exit your market in such situations. This situation occurs if you place your bets at the start of the match.

On the other hand, if you would like to bet on a team that is leading and favorite to win the match that might work as well. To do so, you need to pick a match where a team is leading a game by either 3 or 4 goals, or maybe a team, leading with 2 goals with 15 minutes to go. In this kind of situation, you can back the team leading in the match as the favorite to win the game.

Laying the Draw:

Laying the draw might be another popular technique but this might be a bit harder than what you think. To go with this method, you need to place a “lay” bet on a draw. The condition is that the match should be a draw at the time of placing the bet. The benefit of going with this method is that you can easily have the profit irrespective of the fact which team scores the first goal.

Although in a match where there is a clear favorite team and the underdog scores the first one, there is always a chance of an equalizer right away which will make you lose your money. That is why knowing when to exit your position will be important to make a profit.

What to Understand Before Adopting any Football Trading Strategy?

As you can understand there are no perfect strategies in the football trading market. The more you think about it, the more you research and watch matches, it gets really easy to understand which market might be perfect for you and when you need to put a bet and when you should exit your position. That being said there are certain things that you have to keep in mind while you try your luck in football trading.

Choose your market wisely: in most cases, rewarding markets are always risky. This is the reason why you have to choose a market with lesser risk at least at the beginning of your career as a trader.

Time to bet: the time to place a bet is different for different markets and to place a bet precisely you have to keep following live games and stay up to date of what’s happening in the match.

Research well: this is another important aspect of football trading. Unless you have an idea about the football leagues, the teams playing, the favorite teams, the giant killers, etc. you will never be able to make the right choice. To make the right decisions on time research is the key.

Exit your positions: At times you have to learn to exit your positions with a minimal amount of profit to save yourself from incurring a loss at a later stage of the match. Exiting your position in time is the most important part of football trading. Unless you know when to exit it is going to be harsh for you even though you put your bets at the right time.

No strategy is perfect: This is the underlying statement in the world of football trading. No strategy is perfectly drawn to make you win loads of money. This is the reason why you need to try different strategies and check which one of the strategy suits you the most. Once you get the feeling of certain strategies, you can easily go with your favorite one most of the time and earn money.


So, as you can understand football trading is quite a bit different from betting on a football match. While football trading offers you a better opportunity to earn money, on the other hand, employing a wrong strategy might make you lose money as well. There are no fixed strategies that might help you win money while trading. You have to research, judge, and make calculations before you start trading on football matches. As a beginner, the best way to start football trading will be to go for a safer trading strategy so that you do not lose a lot of money at the start of your trading career. Research well, play safe and one day with experience you might become a successful trader!

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