Rebelbetting Review

Rebelbetting Review: Arbitrage betting is commonly called a sure bet or arb. This betting is harmless and gives you a chance to make a guaranteed profit on a sports event or at a betting market. The arbitrage betting system allows a customer to place multiple bets to guarantee a profit regardless of the outcome. Wagerers who take advantage of these fluctuations in market pricing are sometimes referred to as “arbers.” They have to exploit the differences in odds being offered between several bookmakers. The difference in the offered odds is so enunciated that you have the opportunity to earn a profit no matter what the outcome is.

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Explanation of Arbitrage Betting?

Arbitrage betting is a sports betting strategy designed to make use of pricing miscalculations in the betting markets. It involves placing either two or more wagers on a single sports event and ensuring that all possible outcomes are covered. In a correctly predictable situation, these wagers will return an overall profit irrespective of the result of the event. Exchanges and online betting have transformed arbitrage betting to something else and have made taxing work unnecessary.

Arbitrage Betting in Sports

Arbitrage bet in sports betting is a venture where a wagerer place bets on all possible outcomes of an event at odds, simultaneously, which guarantees a profit, irrespective of the event will be. If you’re a regular when it comes to betting on sports, you must be already aware that the odds for sports events tend to vary from one bookmaker to the next. For instance, when betting on a tennis match, the odds of each player to win will undoubtedly differ to a certain extent, between different bookmakers and betting sites. Traditionally, sports arbitrage was done very discreetly.

Strategizing to Win

There’s an approach that ensures that you’ll make a profit from your wagers, despite what appears in the events you’re betting on. This strategizing technique is one of the most appealing sports betting strategies. Not only can it guarantee profits, but it’s also rather straightforward. You don’t have to be very skilled or need any sports knowledge to strategize a win. You only need to recognize the right opportunities to use the strategy.

You should also know how and why the arbitrage betting strategy works. It is not easy to become rich with arbitrary betting. Arbitrage betting can be beneficial if used correctly, so you must learn how to use it before implementation. It’s not without its disadvantages, though. Establishing good money from this strategy can be challenging, and you’ll need to put in a lot of time and effort to be successful. Patience is also vital as there are limited opportunities where arbitrage betting is effective.

Purposes of Rebel Betting

The majority of the bettors who devote their time and money on online sports betting are losing in the long run. The simple reason behind this is that the most inappropriately guess the outcomes, which are often fundamentally wrong. Some people are who are very much sports betting, either make a considerable profit or make significant losses. There are a couple of different strategies for improving winning chances that could work, and one of them is discovering possibilities of an arbitrage betting. The purpose of Rebelbetting software is the same. A detailed review of the most popular service in the world and its purposes are described below.

The majority of the bettors who devote their time and money on online sports betting are losing in the long run. The simple reason behind this is that the most inappropriately guess the outcomes, which are often fundamentally wrong. Some people are who are very much sports betting, either make a considerable profit or make significant losses. There are a couple of different strategies for improving winning chances that could work, and one of them is discovering possibilities of an arbitrage betting. The purpose of Rebel Betting software is the same. A detailed review of the most popular service in the world and its purposes are described below.

Start of Rebelbetting

The original concept of Rebel Betting was born approximately in 2006. A bunch of technology-loving people decided to develop software that runs through a large number of online bookmakers in search of arbitrage betting possibilities. After a series of developments and testing, they launched Rebel Betting. Coming to the present day, this is by far the most recommended software for exploring the best arbitrage betting spots. Regarded as the fastest software in the market is the reason why plenty of people from all over the globe are using the service.

The organization behind Rebel Betting software continuously improves it, so that the whole business is concentrated on spontaneously finding odds that provide a mathematical advantage over the bookies. Speed and agility are crucial, which are the top priorities of Rebel Betting.

Pros and Cons of RebelBetting Software Review

A thorough analysis shows the following core advantages and disadvantages in using a Rebel Betting Software.


Auto-Login & Auto Surf features:

The most significant advantage of the software is its computerization, automation, and usability. It has features such as Autologin and auto-surf that automate most of the wagering process. For bettors who are comfortable in using the arbitrage software, find it frustrating and boring to locate the sports events at bookmakers’ websites, verify the odds, and place bets. The Rebel Betting software saves precious time and lets you gamble on a lot more arbs before they disappear. The Auto Log-In and Auto Surf Rebel Betting software help users to avoid most of the dangerous traps in online gambling. They are Palpable Error, Mixed Rules, Reversed Participants, Stake Kidnapping, Odds Changing, etc.


RebelBetting Software has a unique feature called “Middles.” It is a lucrative trading event where you have a chance to win two or more placed bets. Bettors regard middles are extremely valuable, and some of them focus exclusively on middles”.

One-Stop Shopping:

The organization’s main product is Sports Arbitrage, but they also provide services to matched Betting & Value Betting software. You have to start using the software, and once you know how to use the Surebet software, you will find it easy to use other software as well because their interfaces & processes are quite similar.


High Subscription Prices:

The services of Rebel Betting are not cheap, so you need to assess it before predicting your income carefully.

In-Play Arbitrage:

In the sports betting industry, in-play betting is very popular. It makes mobile betting smoother, making the arbitrage opportunities increase in the In-Play Betting. In-Play arbitrage is extremely unsafe as the live odds movement is remarkably quick. There are chances of losing the entire money rather than profiting. If you are associated with the online gambling industry for a prolonged time, you are quite aware that even the best gambling strategies involve some effort, some degree of risk, and other inconvenient aspects. If you anticipate to invest some cash and do nothing solely, you won’t gain a lot. Rebel Betting software is not an odd one out, so you need to have the following factors in mind:

Agility: you will have to be agile to take edge most of the arbitrages discovered by Rebel Betting. The bookmakers don’t like losing money, so they seldom let prices stay so high. Be quick in action, or you will miss your chance. It requires some time and practice to become quick.

Accounts in multiple bookies: you certainly want to place wagers in different bookies as it is the essence of arbitrage betting. To do so, you need to spend the time to join each sportsbook, manage all the usernames, passwords, and other details.

You will have to move your money fast: when you have multiple accounts of 10 or even more, in various bookmakers, you usually need a fast way to move your money. E-wallets are an excellent alternative, but not all sportsbooks support e-wallets. Also, there are other issues like currency conversion differences, and so on. Since you will have to battle for a little bit of profit, for most of your bets, you have to find a way around that.

Investment is essential to make some good money: A good option would be to start with a substantial bankroll. Getting a couple of percentages on each arbitrage is enough if that’s the plan. The other alternative would be to spend a lot of time and try to take account of as many spots as possible.

The bookmakers don’t like that: Bookies hate losing money. So they are continually trying to stop all players who find an advantage, either through arbitrages, matched betting, or through something else. Rebel Betting provides the same thing. Therefore, there’s a risk of your accounts getting completely closed.

Terms and conditions: That there’s no jeopardy in arbitrage betting, is not entirely true. The terms and conditions of the different bookies become an obstacle in some cases. You should be careful in such cases, as one or two events that go wrong could bankrupt you

How Many Bookies and Sports are Included?

A very significant aspect of good betting software would be to include a large starting pool of online betting websites and markets. It directs wagerers to a rich arbitrage opportunity, and the Rebel Betting team is fully conscious of the fact. They strive to do their best by constantly including more and more features. At any given instant, the Rebelbetting review software works with more than 75 different online bookmakers and embraces a variety of sports. The list of sports includes football, tennis, basketball, American football, hockey, rugby, Aussie Rules, baseball, and horse racing. Pretty much any conventional sport or online gambling operator whose name you know is included.

This is one of the reasons why Rebel Betting is so widespread compared to other similar applications. With such a plethora of sporting events included, you will surely find chances for arbitrage betting.

Bookmakers (Rebel betting Review)

The building blocks for these types of bets are the bookmakers’ odds and free bets. The online wagering business is highly competitive, and one of the leading marketing enterprises is free bets and bonuses. In the UK, the Gambling Commission is watching free bets to warrant justice and clarity. However, there remain many free bet and reward promotions for new and existing bettors. Rebel Betting software maintains over 90 bookmakers in many betting rights throughout the world. The website gives a grade for the most beneficial bookmakers for the qualifying bets.

In choosing a bookmaker, a wager has to make sure of the following points:

  • He needs to check the current bonuses before signing up with a bookmaker.
  • A bookmaker is recommended at a time, but there is a business with Rebel Betting, so the advice may not be autonomous.
  • Bettors must use a private network for secrecy and for staying under the radar for an extended period.
  • They must refer to the esteemed bookmakers for sure betting and value betting.

Rebel Betting also evaluates their bookmaking partners from time to time and gives them a rating from A through D with A+ being the best rating. Due to mergers or closures, some bookmakers have been removed from the list. The running list provides daily scopes for sure betting and value betting and one-off new account welcome offers.

What happens when Rebel Betting finds an opportunity for arbitrage?

Whenever Rebel betting finds an opportunity for arbitrage means a spot where there is a possibility of an arbitrage wager, you will get displayed on a list showing few pieces of information like the percentage (%) you can avail, the bookies, events, etc.  In case you have an interest in a specific entry, you can do further investigation and view more data. You need to click on your preferred arbitrage. You will get a new window which is regarded as Arb Details.

Also, you can see essential aspects like the bookies that must be used, the precise markets, calculators, and so on. It will be easier for you to determine the bets’ size, the potential profit depending on the stake that you are going to invest. The entire tab is productive yet straightforward.

Why is Rebel Betting Popular?

The Rebel Betting software not only has a significant number of markets and bookmakers in its lists but also has a few helpful features that make profiting from arbitrage betting smoother. The software continually deals with the number of opportunities, matching the “sharps” with the rest and discloses the value bets you can place. Mostly it happens with a link to the relevant market on the bookie’s website. Rebelbetting software is so popular because of its ease of use. Firstly, the software is designed to be very user-friendly. It has various traits, allowing you to control your arbs. Unlike other services, you can download the RebelBetting software program and run on your computer. After a subscription, they send a detailed e-book that guides you to get started with the program and start betting.

It is also very popular as it has automated everything. After choosing then arbitrage opportunity, you click on the “Bet” button to get logged in automatically into the bookmakers. The recommended odds are highlighted for you to bet on directly. This rules out the possibility that even beginners could get confused with the complex online betting market. Moreover, this entire betting process occurs in a particular Betting Browser, and you do not need to switch between browsers and tabs. It displays two or three bookmakers’ websites on a single page with the summary of your coveted arbitrage beside them. With a single glance, you can grasp the details and place bets immediately.

Autologin and Autosurf:

Bookmakers often don’t remain abreast of the constantly changing odds of the vast betting market. The betting opportunities appear, but they don’t last long, and if you find a lucrative bet, the odds change, and the bet is not profitable anymore, by the time you log in and see the arbs. The process becomes very lengthy, time-wasting, and frustrating.

RebelBetting developers became aware of this and introduced the Auto login and Auto surf features to make betting more comfortable than ever. At the start of Rebel Betting, you can add the bookmakers you want to see and enter your login credentials. When you discover an arbitrage bet you wish to place, you can simply click on the bet button, and the platform will appear and log you in automatically. This premium feature saves time for bettors and increases its count of profitable bets.

The program also features an Auto Surf specialty that will show you the market you would like to bet in highlighting the odds.

Arbitrage Alerts:

Arbitrage bets appear and disappear very quickly. They are straightforward to miss unless you are searching for them at a particular time.  Rebel Betting software solved this problem using a feature called Arbitrage Alerts. With this, wagerers can set notifications so that they can never miss a betting opportunity. They can also set filters to receive a notification when a bet has a profit of a certain percentage.

Rebel Betting Accesses:

Rebel Betting has numerous arbitrage opportunities and access to a lot of arbitrage bets, which you would not have been aware of without the platform. This provides an opportunity to earn even more profits every day. Rebel Betting is a Very user-friendly, powerful platform and also very easy to use. Beginners can log in and start betting in an instant. Rebel Betting provides an easy way to earn some extra cash quickly. Arbitrage betting can be done alongside matched betting and can be a good investment option. Rebel Betting has made a name for itself been around for over a decade, which shows that it is trendy. Approximately, 100,000 people from more than 100 countries, respected and trust Rebel Betting as one of the most reputed online betting platforms on the market.

Price of Rebelbetting Review

Bettors usually like the idea of sure betting, and the first thing they think about is the price. Based on the duration of your subscription, there are three separate prices offered in Rebel Betting. A monthly subscription of Sure Betting comes at a premium price of €129. This is pretty expensive, especially when you compare it to software from other betting companies. Still, it can offer additional profits and benefits to your account at this high price. One major issue with Rebel Betting is its price, as the service is not inexpensive. Therefore the creators added a variety of packages depending on your needs and budget. They are as follows.

Lite for €59 per month: There is a more inferior version of Rebel Betting called RebelBetting Lite, which costs €59 per month. This comes with its limitations and is a somewhat decent option when you have a limited bankroll. Bettors will gain access to a limited number of arbitrages and AutoSurf technology.

Pro for €129 per month: This is the standard package of Rebel Betting, and all the arbitrages get detected by the system in real-time. It gives bettors access to Betfair and other exchanges, and a couple of more useful features. The Pro version introduces a high limit bet broker, betting exchanges, support to horse racing, etc. It will only show bets that are open a minimum of 30 minutes. These bets remain active for some time as arbs only have a certain lifespan before they get corrected on a bookmaker’s site.

Enterprise from €499 per month: The team can provide this package if you need a custom software based on Rebel Betting. It will cost you a lot, and you need to drop the line to Rebel Betting and a quotation based on your requirements.

To get a feel for the software, you can opt for their free trial offer. This allows you to see the full view of the software, but the arbs are available to a 1% return. You can profit only up to 1% of your total stake for every bet you make. For this reason, the free trial is great for getting a feel for the software but will not help you to make too much money.

Rebel Betting Realistic Income Model Review

On average, customers are up and running within 10 days of using Rebel Betting. With ten days of acquiring the ropes and you can get over 100% annual return from your bet. Statistics show that customers regularly make approximately 10-20% profit a month of their total investment. That makes a whopping 120-240% per year.

You usually earn over 100% profit per year on average. If you invest more time than the average customer, you have chances to make more. Bettors can project their earnings using the Rebel Betting calculator. They can gain €4,550 per month (€35,000 x 13%). Many people can’t manage to prepare €35,000 initial bankroll. Given the high reputation of the software, there is a limited risk, even for a relatively big bankroll. The conservative model scenario is as follows:

  • Bank Pay: €5,000
  • Average Monthly Interest: 11%
  • Duration: 1 year
  • Subscription cost: €69/month
  • Expected Profit Approx: €5,000 x 11% – €69 = €481 per month and €5,772 per year

This practical income model is backed by many subscribers and is beneficial for your extra income, which you can generate in your spare time. The profits you will make is directly proportional to the time you invested in learning the basics and the size of your bankroll. So you must dedicate a few days to learn the basics and practice.

User Interface and Customization of Rebelbetting Review

In understanding the Rebel Betting software, the bettors have to face the complex program and its User Interface. The software should be simple to use and clear from the bettors’ prospect. Let’s go through the different features of the software. You can customize the whole program in any way you find convenient. The entire user experience is quite manageable. Bettors can add and remove bookies or sports, and select other filters to control the time, the markets, and many others. There is also an option where wagerers can pick various sound notification for arbitrage opportunities that meet multiple requirements they set. It takes approximately half an hour to customize Rebel Betting efficiently. It saves enormous time and improves results in the long run.

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Matched Betting Module

One of the latest modules of the Rebel Betting software is akin to matched betting. Thanks to the numerous bonuses and free bets offered by the bookies, at times, you can earn money without any risk. Bettors can take arbitrage opportunities by adding extra value. They use the cash the operators gave them to join them. There are precise wagering specifications, but you can take care of them as well by making a couple of other arbitrages.  The exemplar matched betting is devoid of arbitrages. But, Rebel Betting links both techniques for the most reliable results. Mostly, you are expected to get around 80-90% of the value of the free bet with the typical matched betting approach. This value rises to over 100% with Rebel Betting Software. The program allows you to uncover the best odds for the bookie and the promotion that you target. The characteristic also includes several alerts, a customizable interface, and automatic money conversions. In simple words, you will have to do the bare minimum to acquire your profits.


The legitimate end of this Rebel Betting review would be a conclusion about the software. It is undoubtedly true that there is value to be found using the software. However, you need to have enough time and money to spend on this program. You can then find loads of possibilities for enormous profits. Otherwise, you would simply waste your cash.

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