Blood boiling and eager to fight

Fighters Claressa Shields and Savannah Marshall have their blood boiling and can barely contain their animosity against one another; they are eager to fight already, and soon they will, as their fight has been pending for quite some time now. The best betting agents have been long awaiting for this fight to take place, and pretty soon it finally will.

Blood boiling and eager to fight

Plagued by complications:

Their fight should have taken place months ago, and yet it had to be postponed for various reasons. First due to an injury that gave Marshall the need for surgery; then due to the sad passing of her Majesty Queen Elizabeth the II, the fight was once again postponed due to the country-wide period of mourning, which saw multiple matches being canceled in all sports as both players and Clubs leaderships all wanted to pay their respects to the late monarch. Now, the fight has been reset for another date once again, this time it will take place in the middle of October, and all of the tickets that had already been sold for the previous date will be accepted for the new one.

The struggle continues:

Shields was adamant on social media that she would defeat all opposition, each time the fight has been delayed she has grown angrier and angrier and is aching to settle the score between the two. Savannah isn’t too far behind either. It may have taken some time to recover from the injuries she had a couple of months back, but in part to all of these delays she has had ample time to get back on track, she is now in optimal form and ready for anything that the self-proclaimed “GWOAT” may throw at her.

The long-awaited resolution:

It needs to be mentioned that this all started way back when in 2012, when Shields suffered her first defeat ever against the Silent Assassin; which surely she has neither forgotten nor left behind, as the animosity between the two fighters is almost palpable. Savannah, on her end, has never had a loss up until this point, and she is most likely not going to let anyone take her undefeated status away from her. In fact, the two were having heated discussions on social media back in February. And now, newsletters are saying that whoever of the two wins this match will become the biggest in Women’s boxing, or at least this is the perception that Promoter Ben Shalom has.

In any case, what is certain is that the victor of said match will be the undisputed winner of the world middleweight championship. If Marshall were to lose it, then this would represent her first defeat in boxing ever, so it is safe to assume that she will not allow such a thing to happen. If the opposite were to happen Shields were to be defeated, then she would truly become the nemesis of The Silent Assassin, for she has the mark of the only defeat she has ever had still etched into her mind, and from there, the need for revenge would only grow stronger. It is expected that such an anticipated fight will have big sums being betted on it, which is why high stake betting solutions can easily be found around to prevent those bothersome times when you can’t place a wager for the limits are frustratingly low.

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