Will A.C Monza rise up thanks to Raffaele Palladino?

The board hasn’t been looking too good for A.C Monza. A slur of recent defeats has brought low a club that had fought really hard to reach the Italian Serie A, especially since during the entirety of the 110-year-old Club’s history they had never reached this goal, until the 2021/22 season were they defeated Pisa during the finals. Something only the most professional tipsters could have predicted.

Will A.C Monza rise up thanks to Raffaele Palladino?

A change in management:

Head Coach Giovanni Stroppas seemed to have everything under control, particularly because under his direction the Club achieved its long-sought goal of making it to the Serie A. However, during the 2022/23 season, things started to take a turn for the worse; the team lost 1-2 against Udinese, they were defeated in a humiliating 3-0 in their match against Roma and they were beaten down by Atalanta 0-2, as well as barely managing a 1-1 tie in their match with Lecce. This torrent of defeats prompted Paolo Berlusconi, president of the club, to step in and make changes before it all spiraled out of control.

Therefore, on September 13, Rafaelle Paladino took the position held by Stroppas. And this seemed to be a good call, as on September 18 the Biancorossi managed an outstanding victory that no one was expecting, defeating 1-0 against one of the most renowned Clubs in Italy, Juventus; it was all over the latest news the moment it happened. Paladino is up to an amazing start, as in history the two teams had never fought each other and on their first ever meeting the Bianconeri lost spectacularly, with a goal scored by the Danish pro player Christian Gytkjær during minute 74. It is also worth mentioning that during the match, in minute 40, Angel Di Maria got a red card after he elbowed Armando Izzo, the first he has gotten since 2017; losing his cool right in the middle of the match proved utterly detrimental by the end of it, and faces now a suspension.

About the new head coach:

Rafaelle Palladino’s relationship with the Club is a long-standing one, as he was first signed all the way back in 2002 after distinguishing himself in Benevento. Football betting blogs have every little detail on how he then was given on loan for him to broaden his horizons and later returned to the team in 2006, where he remained until 2008. After some years with other clubs, he later returned in 2019.

Following that, he took up coaching from then onwards. And now that he has been brought to the position of head coach, the question still remains: will he be able to bring the team to greater heights? Right now A.C Monza currently stands almost at the bottom of Seria A, holding onto the 18th spot; however, it cannot be denied that the match against Juventus has brought hope into many a fans heart, so it could be possible that it is a sign of great things to come in the near future for the Club.

Whatever the case, anyone leading the team will face the same challenge: to live up to Berlusconi’s massive expectations, as Italy’s ex-president has nothing but big dreams for the Club as a whole. Still, it is for high rollers to determine if the club in its current state is worth betting on or not.

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