Esports Betting Everything you Need to Know

What is an Esports Game?

Esports is a growing business in the gaming industry. Games are not considered esports during the initial period of their release. A competitive video game with rewards for the best players is an esport. 

Esports betting

What is Esports Betting?

Esports betting has an enormous following and impact on gaming enthusiasts. These esports games come up with professionally organized tournaments and events offering cash prizes to the best players around the world. They are competitive multiplayer video games for spectators. In esports betting, according to esport betting website, gamblers bet on teams or individual players on an event or tournament. 

A person must have basic working knowledge on esports and betting, in general, to familiarise themselves with esports betting. Without these requirements, esports betting will not be easy to understand.

Betting outrights

This type of betting happens before the beginning of the tournaments. The gamblers bet on a varied scale as in outright winner of the match, players that probably pass on to the next stage, and players who are eliminated from the game.


In this category, the gamblers bet on players who they think have the highest probability of winning the match.


Totals are concerned with the statistics of the game. Gamblers bet on statistical insights like total kills in the match, the number of maps played during a game, and as such.

Is Esports Betting Sites Safe?

It is important to use licensed and regulated betting sites. If one bet on licensed and regulated websites, preferably international sites, then safety is guaranteed. Both personal data and money will be safe on such websites. One must understand that placing a wager is 100% but not winning a bet. To win bets, you must develop techniques and strategies. One will develop strategic insights over time and practice.

Various Types of Esports Games

Competitive video games with a massive player base and fan following are as follows:

  • Dota 2.
  • Call of Duty.
  • Fortnite.
  • League of Legends.
  • Pubg.
  • Overwatch.
  • CS: GO.
  • Starcraft II.
  • Hearthstone.
  • Rocket League.
  • NBA 2K.
  • FIFA.
  • Apex Legends.
  • H1Z1.
  • Halo.
  • Counter-Strike

Various Types of Genres

The following are the genres in which these esports games rule the betting world.

  • First-person shooter mode.
  • Card game battles.
  • Battle Royale.
  • Real-time strategy games.
  • Turn-based strategy games.

Best Sites for Esports Betting

The following are some of the esports betting sites you can refer to place your bet accordingly.

  • Betonline.
  • GG bet.
  • Betway.
  • 888 sportsbook.
  • Arcanebet.
  • Leo Vegas.
  • Betsson.
  • Pinnacle.
  • Bwin.
  • Sportingbet.
  • Nitrogen.
  • Bet365.

Heads up for winning the bets

Know what is what:

For a beginner, the basic knowledge about esports and betting, in general, helps to study the process of esports betting. Reading the guides alone does not prove to be effective unless the person understands them. Understand the rules and how it works, then practice them whenever you place a bet.

Study statistics:

One must study statistics in rankings, history of wins and losses, tournament results, and as such. On the other hand, note that lower-ranked teams in previous leagues may come up with surprises.

Get into the player’s shoes:

Getting into a player’s shoes means playing the game to see what it is for yourself. By playing the video game, one understands the nuances and technicalities of the particular game. This first-hand experience helps in understanding the technical skills while betting competitive games in the future.

Explore teams and their players:

Once you get familiar with the game, the next step is knowing the teams and their players. Compete with other teams and players to know the odds when you place a bet. And this may change over time. An experienced player may drop out of the squad, or there may happen a new addition. So, it is an efficient step to track the teams and players.

Find value:

Sometimes, the implied probabilities are not reliable to place a bet. In such a case, one can place an in-play bet. Studying the game and knowing its strategies will help in finding such betting variants.

Play by your strengths:

Rather than knowing a little about all esports games, get hands-on experience in one game and bet accordingly. Getting to know the nuances of one particular game helps in making better betting decisions. You can start by exploring one game at a time to expand your knowledge on esports and esports betting.

Follow the gaming community for gaming updates:

Follow blogs, websites, forums, and gaming communities on various other platforms to keep up with statistical insights. Always keep yourself updated in the esports betting market. Keep a close eye on the players and their gameplay to plan your next bet. Keeping a tab on updates will help in knowing about the upcoming leagues, tournaments, and other mega-events.

Look out for chances of winning in disguise:

While game tournaments of massive fan following may catch your eye, look out for minor game tournaments in the same timeline. These tournaments of secondary games may raise the chances of your winnings.


A punter uses this option if he feels that a player or team he bet on travels towards losing the game. The cash-out option lets the punter walk out with the partial winning.

Traceback your footprints:

Tracking your previous outcomes will help you develop an effective betting strategy. This process involves mapping out the wins, losses, and profits you made.

Competitive video games alone have a separate fan following, let alone professional gaming that involves money. Gaming enthusiasts all around the world always have a tab on this area of the industry. Apart from cash bets, players bet by using an in-game item, skins. Skins do not add value or power to the original avatar. They purely play a cosmetic role. Players place a stake by a skin he owns, and the winner of the match walks out possessing the skin. I hope this article clears out all the doubts you may have had about the esports betting business.

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