MLB Trades: 8 Baseball Trades that Make Sense

In Major League Baseball, just like in any other sports league, player movement is one of the most exciting things to look out for. Sure, the games by themselves can get pretty thrilling, but avid baseball fans know how gripping front office moves can be. Sometimes they can even be more dramatic than the games themselves.

A single trade can spell the difference between mediocrity and title contention, and that could not be more true than in the MLB, where acquiring that one player might be all a team needs as a final piece of the championship puzzle.

MLB Trades

Sometimes, teams just don’t work out the way that they’re supposed to. Teams may make errors in drafting their pieces and underperform throughout the season. Other times, teams are just looking for something, or someone, to help them get through the hump. There are also those moments when it just makes sense to blow everything up and at least get some spare change which could prove to be valuable in the future.

These are some trades that seem to just make sense and would make the MLB much more exciting than it already is.

1. Miguel Andujar to the Texas Rangers:

Despite having a stacked roster, the Yankees have failed again to fulfill their World Series dreams. It has indeed been a rollercoaster of a season for not just the Yankees, but the entire MLB in general, but 25-year-old third baseman and former Rookie of the Year runner-up Miguel Andujar has gone through quite a rollercoaster himself.

Andujar played in only 21 out of 60 games for the Yankees this season, and he has spent much of his time shifting between the Yankees and the team’s alternate training site.

With how inconsistent his latest season has been as compared to his promising rookie year, perhaps it’s time for a change of scenery. Enter the Texas Rangers. The Rangers have been spending quite some time looking for a long-term third baseman, and Andujar might just fit the bill. His best years are definitely ahead of him, and with how things are going now, Texas might be up for a steal should they make a move for the 25-year-old.

2. Madison Bumgarner to the Yankees

The Yankees could indeed use some help in their pitching. This might be where they’re most vulnerable and a reliable veteran pitcher such as Madison Bumgarner could be exactly who they need to make it all the way.

Bumgarner has recently signed a fresh five-year contract with the Arizona Diamondbacks and he’s on the wrong side of 30, but that shouldn’t keep the Yankees from getting creative and making some moves for the 2014 World Series MVP. The strong veteran presence and the championship pedigree that Bumgarner brings will definitely pay dividends for the Yankees who are probably a move or two away from being champions again.

3. J.A. Happ to the Los Angeles Angels

J.A. Happ cashed in from the 2018 offseason when the New York Yankees signed the veteran southpaw to a 34-million-dollar contract for two years with a vesting option for 2021. With how his performance panned out, Happ staying with the Yankees for 17 million dollars probably isn’t in either party’s best interests.

The best move would probably be to let go of Happ’s contract and let the Los Angeles Angels enjoy the services of the veteran. In return, the Yankees can shore up their baseman rotation with maybe Matt Thaiss.

4. Zack Greinke to the Cardinals:

The Houston Astros made quite the splash when they traded for Greinke at the 2019 trade deadline, and it sure did pay off. Houston remains one of the teams to watch out for in the majors, and the Cardinals, to which Greinke was also formerly linked, missed out badly.

However, the Astros are yet to see whether or not Greinke’s services are enough to help them win the World Series this year. Should they fall short once again, letting go of the remainder of Greinke’s whopping 6-year, the 206,500,000-dollar contract might be a sensible move. If there’s any team who’s willing to take on Greinke’s contract, it’s the Cardinals.

5. Francisco Lindor to the Mets:

Francisco Lindor has enjoyed quite the run with the Cleveland Indians, but as they say, all good things must come to an end. Lindor has emerged as a star shortstop for Cleveland, but it’s highly improbable that the Indians can afford the paycheck that Lindor will command once he enters free agency after 2021, so why let him go for virtually nothing?

Now’s the time to let go of Lindor and hopefully get something in return. One team that is replete with young assets and could make the Indians lose as little as possible is the Mets.

6. Lance Lynn to the Braves:

Lynn was dangled during the most recent trade deadline, but there were no takers. With 9.3 million dollars left in his contract, it would probably make sense for the Texas Rangers to let go of the journeyman. Lynn has proven that he’s a veteran who can work with any system, and the Atlanta Braves could make good use of his services in exchange for some of their abundant young assets.

7. Clint Frazier to the Rockies:

Clint Frazier’s run with the Yankees has been filled with uncertainty, to say the least. His name has been regularly involved in trade rumors and there’s no clear role for him as of yet in the future of the Yankees.

A team that could probably utilize Frazier better is the Colorado Rockies. The Rockies may be looking to get some more help and Frazier may prove to be vital in bolstering their offense. On the other hand, New York could make use of Colorado’s young prospects to shore up their baseman lineup.

8. Danny Duffy to the Arizona Diamondbacks:

Duffy has a year left in his 5-year, $65 million deal, and now might be the best time for the Kansas City Royals to deal him. After being the subject of a number of trade rumors in recent years, Duffy might be set for a transition, and Arizona can make good use of Duffy for an upgrade in their pitching staff.

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