Smarkets Review

Smarkets Review: Betting exchange platforms have received a massive response from all gambling enthusiasts all over the world. The passion and zeal to make it big in the betting scene have significantly change the fortunes of many aspirants. Though betting on online platforms has created a buzz on the internet, but the scenario was not always similar to what it is today. Online betting exchange platforms have certainly engaged those aficionados of betting and gambling, who were intimidated by the notorious practices which prevailed at the illegal places.

Smarkets Review

The influence of only rich and powerful made it quite difficult for common people to invest their hard-earned savings in such places, where the margin of error is quite minimum. Thus, betting exchange platforms like Smarkets have revolutionized the online betting scene with impeccable services and incredible privileges for the customers who invest their earnings in such sensitive places. Thus people who previously used to avoid the hassles of expensive and brutal real betting stations are now cherishing the betting and gambling activities at the trustworthy online betting exchange platforms like Smarkets. Smarkets is gradually paving its way to the top of this genre with its invincible betting experience and hassle-free services.

Betting Exchange – What Does it Mean?

Betting exchange is a gateway for all the betting enthusiasts to place precise bets on various gaming outcomes. This practice also involves practices that may resemble that of a bookmaker, as the customer can even enhance the thrill of betting through Back and Lay practices. Which generally means trading of various outcomes with other customers in the real-time gameplay. Thus, customers earn a whopping amount of money, and the exchange market platforms fetch commissions from the winning bet. Thus, when platforms like Smarkets have made it big in the betting and gambling field due to the massive accumulation of customers daily. The betting exchange has also influenced customers to prefer any side of the coin! This means a customer can now predict the outcome as well as predict that the outcome won’t be the same. Thus, Betting exchange platforms assists those compatible customers who want to bet on the same game but with different perceptions as far as the result of the game is concerned. Thus, such practices have elevated the popularity of betting exchange platforms like Smarkets.

Smarkets Review – Rise to the Top of the Betting Exchange Market

Smarkets was established in 2008, by Jason Trost and his close friend hunter Morris. Though Trost prominently portrayed the idea but Hunter Morris assisted him in setting up the business with financial and emotional help. The due shifted to London from the US and always intended to make it big in the betting exchange market. Then, Betfair was reigning as the undisputed king of the betting exchange market. But it was the incredible proficiency and reliable practices at Smarkets, which completely changed the scenario. Betfair had a new rival in the face of Smarkets, which gradually moved to the top of the pile with it’s incredible services to the massive number of customers.

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Smarkets Vs. Betfair

It was supposed to be David facing up against Goliath as Betfair was an established firm when Smarkets entered the betting exchange market. Due to their marketing strategies and efficient user interface, Smarkets gradually rose to the occasion and delivered great productivity in this incredible field. The most significant difference between the services of Smarkets and Betfair is the lower commission rate, which is charged by Smarkets. Smarkets only charges a 2% commission out of the total winnings of the customer, whereas Betfair charges a 5% commission. Thus, beginners are generally influenced by high-profit proficiency and are rapidly engaging on Smarkets online betting exchange platform. In the past decade, Smarkets have made betting exchange it’s forte by providing a massive number of betting platforms in genres like Sports, politics, reality shows, and E-gaming. Thus, a plethora of betting platforms has certainly enhanced the popularity of this incredible betting exchange platform, which is giving fierce competition to Betfair.

Smarkets Review:

Participation and Membership:

Smarkets have made it quite hassle-free and time-efficient to carry on with the processes at their betting exchange platform. There is no intermediate bookmaker, and the two customers place abetting exchange on an outcome of any event. Be it in sports, politics or other genres. Thus, betting odds would be explained to both the customers and Smarkets would only take 2% commission from the winnings of the customer. There are no malicious practices at the platforms as the organization itself earns with the customer’s winnings. One can easily turn up to be a loyal member of this betting exchange platform, Log in is quite easy, and new members are cherished with multiple benefits.

Bonus and Rewards:

The most significant reason for the incredible success of Smarkets is its extremely user-friendly proficiencies. This betting exchange platform ensures that the customer doesn’t suffer from huge losses and also gives multiple bonuses and rewards to encourage the customers to participate in the game’s proceedings. A meager 20 pounds of initial deposit makes it easy for the customers to engage themselves in low stake bettings. A new member bonus of 10$ is deposited into the customer’s account. Customers also receive a massive boost in winnings, which is due to the extremely low commission rates of Smarkets.

Options available for betting:

Smarkets not only engages in many sporting events but also carries it’s betting proficiencies in various other genres like politics, reality shows, and other niche market events. Football, cricket, tennis, basketball, golf, and many other sports are available for betting exchange practices. Even democratic elections and other reality shows are available for betting. Some less prominent sports for betting like Ice hockey, Handball, and rugby are also available for betting practices at the Smarkets betting exchange platform. These huge varieties of games make it easy for customers to engage in many games at a time. Such practices even out the losses and can generate massive winnings as well.

Payment methods:

Smarkets hold a great variety of payment options, which makes it easy for people from distinct diversities to engage in betting practices. Use of Mastercard, Visa card is quite prominent among customers from different backgrounds. Smarkets also access the use of Maestro cards for payments. Smarkets have collaborations with eminent banks and thus vanish the possibility of money thefts and other notorious practices. Smarkets also makes it easy for the customers to use Neteller and Skrill for payment options. Smarkets ensure that there is no communication gap between the customers and betting exchange platform, and thus, all the details about the payments are mentioned in the clause.

Customer Service:

Smarkets maintains a healthy relationship with the customers and thus ensures that all the issues and doubts are solved quite efficiently. The customer care center makes it easy for customers to solve the problem on various platforms and from different mediums. Customers can have a telephonic call, Live chatting and email chats with the customer care at any time of the day. 24/7 services make Smarkets quite a reliable and trustworthy platform. Customers may call on various helpline numbers for the best consequences.

Security measures:

Smarkets believe that customer satisfaction is the topmost priority of the platform and leaves no stone unturned in the Security parameters. Smarkets makes it easy for the customer to play without any hassles by keeping all the confidential information safe and secured. The platforms are also verified and receive a Malta Gaming Authority certification, which speaks volumes of its reliability. Thus, Smarkets have elite standards in data safety parameters.

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Pros & Cons of Smarkets (Review)


  • A plethora of games available for betting along with predictions of democratic results.
  • An extremely reliable and trustworthy platform for an online betting exchange.
  • Smarket claims extremely low commission charges (2%), which ensures great winnings for a customer.
  • Many payment options are available.
  • Eliminates the role of a bookie, and the customer himself can place odds.


  • The server may lag in peak hours.
  • Not available in many languages.

Personal Opinion of Smarkets 

I would personally recommend any aspirant who wants to cherish the amazing activity of betting and gambling, to access this incredible betting exchange platform. You may indulge in any betting event and place your odds and bets respectively. Thus, customers would certainly find it easy to initiate with extremely low betting stakes, but low commission charges would enhance the winnings of the customer. Amazing privileges like new player bonuses,  flexible odds would certainly be cherished by the beginners. Thus, there are no issues whatsoever, and one can easily rely on the quality of the services.


Overall, Smarkets is one platform where customers can easily rely on the impeccable services and rich privileges on offer. The platform is certified and doesn’t encourage and notorious activities, which would halt your financial health. With incredibly vast betting options available, it becomes quite easy for the customers to engage in any preferred betting experience. Great payment methods, low commission charges, and flawless security and customer care proficiencies. Smarkets seems to be a complete package of great betting exchange online. And. It certainly doesn’t have any significant drawbacks. Thus, it certainly ticks all the boxes and is ideal for all sorts of customers. As it eliminates the involvement of bookies, Customers can easily pave the way for their success in betting exchange!

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