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Betfair Review: Betting on various sports and events has always been one of the most enthralling experiences for the players. There is a certain rush, risk, and overall feeling of wisdom when you win. Victory in betting is like being proven correct because you make a great judgment based on your experience and wisdom. Everyone likes to flaunt, and betting is one way to show off your deduction skills while you also make a decent profit. Recent elevation in the usage of the digital platform has brought several revolutions in various industries. Gambling and betting field has received its decent share of flares. Over the last few decades, many companies entered the online world to offer people a flexible gambling or betting platform. While many flourishes, Betfair prevails as one of the prominent choices for the betting and gambling enthusiasts around the globe.

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Betfair thrives as an online betting exchange market for people to bet against each other regarding any sport, gambling events, and other cultural performances. Essentially, it encompasses all the possible mediums and methods to bet and gamble on everything it is plausible on. Its services with meticulous updates that kept up with the rapidly changing technology have incorporated it as one of the pioneers of online betting platforms. This article will offer a thorough study of Betfair review and offer valuable insights with a potent review.

About Betfair

Originally established in 1999, Betfair is in business since 2000, and by the end of 2006, it was valued at around 1.5 billion, showcasing the exponential growth in such a short period. It has contributed in, sponsored, and hosted several unique events like horseracing and others, over time. The company’s headquarters are located in Hammersmith in West London, United Kingdom, and Clonskeagh, Dublin. Betfair worked remarkably well in building prestige for the company, as it became its primary selling point. Since then, the company dominated the online world as the world’s largest betting exchange. Over time, it has spread its dominion in other fields like sportsbooks, online casinos, and other forms of online gambling.

According to statistics, there are around 1 million users active on Betfair at any time, and it accumulates a turnover of above 50 million euros each week. It houses the workforce of around 2,500 employees. The company has bought and also known for launching the Cash 4 Clubs funding scheme for local sports clubs.

Benefits of Betfair Online Betting

Primarily, Betfair reduces the requirement of bookies and other middle-men presents in the betting industry. You essentially act as a bookie and place your bets to earn profits over winnings. A person can start with a minimum bet of 2 euros, going up to the maximum profit of 1,000,000 euros. However, there is no exact limitation on winning imposed by the company. It offers one of the highest betting odds by up to 20% better odds than any other booker. The company also charges a 5 to 7 percent commission on each bet. Hence, it maintains an easy profit.

Multiple Options:

Betfair offers a plethora of options to its members. There are several sports, from horse racing, car racing, and others, to sporting events like football and other competitive platforms. Additionally, the company has worked on doing business out of anything that can have a ‘bet’ factor. From Gambling to online casinos, cultural events included, you will find everything we can humanly possibly place bets on, ethically. As the site does not operate under the shadows, there isn’t anything illegal about it. However, this entails that people have several options to keep themselves entertained and make profits.

Fair betting:

As you’re not betting against Betfair, but against another person, there isn’t a chance of unfair judgment passed by Betfair to benefit them. Because regardless of whichever person wins, Betfair will get the same benefit. Betfair offers ‘fair betting’ and does not indulge itself in any unethical practices. As it is one of the largest platforms, it integrates the latest and high-grade security measures to ensure optimal safety. People don’t try to hack into the database. Nothing is pre-planned or decided, and people are acting on their own. Hence, it also allows factor-like sure bets and such to entice the people and keep the platform appealing.

Better Odds, Lower Margin, Profitable:

People can make great profits and prosper in the online betting market with the help of Betfair. It offers better odds and has a remarkably low commission margin, even lower than bookies and other middle-man. These factors are one of the reasons people prefer Betfair over any other platform or method of betting. There are around 3 million to 4 million users on Betfair. Due to the rise in the competition, you will mostly find higher bets with greater rewards than low-level bets. Hence, the system is offering your opportunities.

Back And Lay:

In a real-world, or usual scenario, the bookie tends to be a ‘lay’ and betters are ‘back.’ However, in Betfair, anyone can choose to be a back and lay. Hence, it makes the system more interactive and enticing to betting enthusiasts all around the globe. The system allows people to retain less loss upon losing, among other factors.


Betfair offers Betfair points as the most alluring form of rewards. A person can earn them to exchange them for cash and other commissions. There are several benefits to Betfair. We will explain it in a separate section for better understanding.

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Betfair Points

What are Betfair Points?

Betfair offers these points when the person bets on exchange. Regardless of the results, win or lose, you get to earn points. It is an integration intended to boost the bet numbers, and it certainly pays well. The more point someone has, the less commission they pay on the bets and winning. Hence, it is essentially like making extra bucks.

How do you earn Betfair Points?

You earn one point for every 10 pence. Hence, the commission also gets converted to pounds to calculate the bet points. However, you can only use Betfair on commissions. There is no real way to use them for other platforms like casinos or sportsbook. There is a weekly reduction rate of 15%, which can be frozen if you’re not betting on exchange anymore.

How do you use Betfair Points?

As stated, Betfair points are used to reduce the commission charges. The more points you have, the less commission will be charged. Hence, you are essentially accumulating cash and saving it.

A person may use Betfair point freeze for one week every three months. However, they can not be stacked to be used later together. During the frozen period, a person can still bet and do everything they normally do. But they won’t earn any Betfair point.

Betfair Compatibility

Platform Available On:

With the modern digital revolution, the company has made sure to remain flexible and versatile. It supports all the significant platforms like Windows, Android, and iOS. Betfair has an interactive website that is compatible with any size and device. More importantly, there isn’t an app for Betfair available in the play store and the app market in general. It is because the website itself offers features similar to a mobile app, and it is lighter. However, there is a mobile app available only for Betfair exchange for making the process easily accessible. Betfair remains one of the widely-used platforms.


Betfair supports several online money transaction options. Paypal, Skrill, Eco Pays, and Paysafe are some of the examples of the partners. It also supports all the important cards transfer like credit and debit cards. As for currency, it supports the Australian dollar, British pound, euros, us dollar, Swedish krona, Danish krone, and hong kong dollar.

Restricted or Banned in Regions:

Due to certain laws and their enforcement, the website is not available in the following countries. Afghanistan, Albania, Algeria, Angola, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cambodia, Canada, Chad, Cyprus, Equatorial Guinea, Eritrea, France, Greece, Guam, Guinea-Bissau, Hong Kong, India, Mayotte, Myanmar, Netherlands, Philippines, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Singapore, Slovenia, Somalia, South Africa, Sudan, Switzerland, Tajikistan, Turkey, Turkmenistan, USA, Uzbekistan, Zimbabwe.

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Pros and Cons of (Review)


  • A huge market full of various sports like combat, racing, gambling, etc. to bet on
  • No middle-man or bookie
  • Back and Lay feature is available for players
  • No real limit to winning streaks
  • Offers higher odds and probability than any other platform


  • Not a great platform for new enthusiasts in the betting industry
  • There are charges for any transaction (Deposit or Withdrawal) you make

Personal Tips or Advice for Betfair

Use a VPN:

In the world where the digital world is an entirely different realm, keep yourself secured. VPN helps in maintaining your IP address and offers a ‘dummy’ IP on top of your original. It keeps hackers and other potential threats off your tracks. Similarly, it also prevents unwanted third-parties from collecting data on you and potentially exploit it to lure you into their traps.

Furthermore, a VPN may be a fantastic method to gain access to Betfair from the banned regions. By modifying the VPN settings, you can gain access to Betfair. However, it is not a sure-fire way. To be completely safe and secure, apply for a premium level of VPN services, they are better.

Gain Experience:

Betfair is a fantastic platform, no doubt. However, it is fruitful to experienced advanced players in general. Novice or rookies will find it hard to establish firm grounds on Betfair. It is better if you educate yourself about bet exchanges and then enter the world. You should attain adequate knowledge and experience. There are several free websites and platform you can practice on, interactive applications.

Play it Safe:

If you only want to try Betfair, then try to invest low. It will not give you many prospects, but playing it safe for the start is one of the best ways to gain experience. You will last longer and eventually learn the game and how things go around the platform. By investing a small amount, you are also essentially keeping yourself financially sustainable.

Is Betfair worth investing in?

Overall, Betfair is worth investing money and time into, as long as you have free time and money to enjoy it. You are looking at the largest betting exchange where you can trade your bets in an expansive market. It offers fantastic options for experienced players, and there is a wide variety of products other than simple sports better to keep yourself busy. There are several compatible payment methods and easy withdrawal with live streaming services that make it stand out. Surely, there have been several controversies and allegations regarding the website. But that comes with the name and brandishing the platform.

Overall Verdict

After Reviewed the Betfair site, it is an authentic and genuine website that offers reliable services. The prestigious history and achievements of the company prevent it from committing any form of scam. It comprises of rich database and fantastic players from all around the world. We can not blame the company for the behavior of other players. However, it strives to maintain a decent balance between the player base.

There are several profitable benefits for joining the website and becoming part of the online betting platform. You will have access to up to date news and information regarding any event. It offers fantastic insights and guidance to help people make better decisions. The main benefit of no middle-man remains its chief selling point. Unlike several untrustworthy websites available over the website, it is a sure-fire and rewarding platform with nothing fake.

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