VIP-IBC Review

In order to claim to be the best betting platform, it is first necessary to define what such an endeavor is. First of all, it comprises a gathering of all the odds and limits from the best online bookmakers in a single place. Then, it needs to show them side by side, facilitating their fast comparison for punters to select as many as they want and place their bets simultaneously.

VIP-IBC Review

Now, what makes VIP-IBC the best among the myriad of sites following the aforementioned concept? The answer to that is the fact that they go way beyond the basic services. For instance, VIP-IBC‘s administrative team actually listens to punters and they take it upon themselves to do everything in their power to acknowledge their suggestions and accordingly upgrade the platform as soon as possible. However, that’s just the tip of the iceberg, since the VIP-IBC has completely redesigned the standards for each aspect of a betting platform. Let’s take a closer look.

Vetting for Betting

Once someone has decided to dabble in the online sports betting world, they will immediately be faced with one decision: which bookmaker to choose. This decision becomes increasingly difficult once you realize there is a myriad of options. However, since we are talking about money, you cannot simply take the first option that seems reasonable. Additionally, once the novice becomes an expert, only one Sportsbook stops being enough, and things get even more complicated.

An evaluation of the bookmakers in the market becomes a necessary step in both cases in order to mitigate the risk. However, such a process takes a lot of time and effort and requires a level of expertise that punters might not have. Fortunately, that is exactly what VIP-IBC does in what they called the bookmaker vetting process.

In essence, they develop a sort of extensive questionnaire with all of the characteristics of a good bookmaker, including technical and administrative aspects as well as reputation and reliability. And only when they comply with any and all of them, do they get selected to be a cooperating bookie. Even though this process is so rigorous that some big names in the industry, unfortunately, don’t make it, it is the only way to ensure that their customers ever face problems related to the unreliability of the brands or their fraudulent way of conducting business.

All You Can Bet in a Single Platform

So far, there are 16 bookmakers that made it through the arduous vetting process. Among them, we can count impressive names such as Betfair, Betdaq, and Singlet. However, the number of cooperating betting establishments matters a little more than you may think since all odds on display are available either alone or combined. In other words, as VIP-IBC’s process intends to facilitate the maximization of profitability for bettors, something that bookmakers don’t really care about, the platform offers punters the opportunity to place their bets on as many bookies as they want or all of them simultaneously.

This possibility broadens the limits betting houses are forced to put in place because of their liquidity, enabling bettors to potentially exploit to the max any betting opportunity they found worthy. Nevertheless, wagering against the house (or houses) is not the only service VIP-IBC provides. In fact, they understand that betting against other players has its own kind of thrill. That’s why they deliver exactly that, by incorporating the concept of Betting Exchange besides the fixed odds format. They do so by means of Molly Exchange, which is part of one of the cooperating betting sites, called Molly Bet and therefore is completely vetted.

A friendly Platform

Now let’s talk about the technical aspects that make VIP-IBC the best betting platform. For starters, the website prioritizes fast loading, comfort, and efficiency. Therefore, its design is modern and attractive yet without excessive decorations that could be considered distractive elements. Additionally, all betting options are displayed in an orderly manner and the view has some degree of customization. It is also available in 20 different languages in order to facilitate its navigation.

Additionally, the site is completely optimized for a comprehensive mobile experience, avoiding the need for any kind of extra apps while keeping the possibility of accessing it on tablets and smartphones. It is also as safe as technologically possible, applying the latest security protocols in order to guarantee that all personal data and information transaction is kept away from the eyes of unauthorized people. That includes things like logs registry, banking information, and betting records.

Customer Service

When it comes to sports betting, having the backing of experts in the matter is a tremendous help. Concurrently, VIP-IBC makes sure to assist its punters by offering a team of professionals in customer support that are available on a 24/7 basis and are capable of offering actual answers and solutions to whatever inconvenience that might arrive. Additionally, punters have at their disposal a FAQ section with predetermined responses to the most common doubts, and even a chat always ready to provide any assistance.

Moreover, feedback from customers is highly appreciated not only because, as we mentioned before, they are committed to adding new things to the platform according to the request made by punters, but also because it is the most effective way of measuring their levels of satisfaction in order to make sure that they receive exactly what they pay for, or even more.

Payment Methods

In terms of deposits and withdrawals, VIP-IBC works with several types of currencies and provides numerous payment methods that include bank transfers, digital wallets like Neteller and Skrill, and even cryptocurrencies in the likes of Bitcoin, and Ethereum, and Tether.

Moreover, for those potential punters that for any reason cannot or will not use electronic money transactions, this licensed sports betting software just recently added a solution: CashToCode. In a nutshell, it is a method through which punters can fund their betting accounts by paying cash.

In any case, any type of transaction is handled as fast as the selected payment platform allows it, and bets can be placed with as little as less than 1 euro or its equivalent in other currencies and can go as high as the conditions and client’s wallets allow it.

Resume and Conclusion

Besides all the amazing features stated above, there is still a lot that can be said about VIP-IBC. However, we can resume what clients get when they register for an account at the best betting platform as follows:

  • The highest betting limits
  • An ever-growing choice of bookmakers
  • A wide range of betting markets
  • The best odds at any given time
  • Minimum stake lower than 1 EUR
  • Multiple currencies
  • A friendly interface that’s easy to use
  • A betting experience that can be customized
  • 24/7 assistance by our Customer Support Team

That is a package that undoubtedly and unmistakably attests to the determination of the minds behind VIP-IBC to maintain the three major aspects that its parent company, BET-IBC, promotes as their flag: Speed, Comfort, and Efficiency.

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