10Cric Review

10CRIC India Review: Cricket is followed like a religion in India, as more than 1.3 billion people of this country unite themselves for this majestic game. Obsession with cricket has paved the way for enthusiasts to engage themselves with this game in one way or another. This unparalleled popularity of Cricket gave rise to some of the most refined and sophisticated Online betting platforms, which have been occupied by sports aficionados in the country. Betting has always been associated with cricket, but initially, the notorious means of betting have to lead many people behind bars! But back then, there were no refined and certified online platforms for people to relish their love for the practice of betting. But, gradually, the betting scene from western countries prevailed over the sub-continent and received massive praise from millions of cricketing maniacs in this amazing country. But it was in 2019 when online betting scenario witnessed the rise of a revolutionary platform for Online betting named “10Cric”, which took the betting scene by storm. 10cric was initially pioneered because of the massive popularity of cricket in the country but gradually as the management observed the popularity of other games in the country. They expanded their betting proficiencies to a wide array of sports. Thus, currently, there are not many betting platforms that can outnumber the revenues generated by 10Cric.

10CRIC Review

About 10Cric

10Cric India is an Online betting platform that carries out more than 60,000 betting events weekly among 60 popular sports going around all over the globe. The platform also emphasizes on Live betting and gambling proficiencies in various forms of poker games as well. Thus, the product is highly refined and versatile, which can be accessed by people from different parts of the country. Though, Indians are extremely inclined towards the betting practices in Cricket. But the platform ensures that enthusiasts of other games don’t feel left out. Thus, Bookmakers provide prominent sporting events from other sports as well. They are La Liga in Football (Spanish league), ATP tournaments in Tennis (Grandslams), NBA, and others. But, mainly, the platform has raised to unparalleled heights due to the huge popularity of cricket. During the IPL season, this massive platform received a massive boost in its revenues and customers, as well. And since then, there is no looking back for this amazing betting platform. Cricket enthusiasts in India are influenced by the game so much, that they are intensely engaged in betting on the various international fixtures as well as domestic T20 leagues going around in various parts of the world. Thus, customers win a huge amount of money by investing in various fixtures, which reaps massive benefits for the customer and the platform as well.

The Platform also covers other betting markets other than real sports. People in India have always been intrigued by the incredible E gaming practices and Casino, as well. Thus, 10cric widened its arsenal to various other betting markets, so that people don’t have to deal with reckless parameters required for the login in foreign betting sites. Enthusiasts were not able to cherish their favorite betting platforms before 2019. There were only limited platforms that were available for enthusiasts to relish the activity of betting. Thus, 10Cric India proved to be a sensation in enhancing the online betting scene in India with its innovative and skillful management team.

10Cric may have been established in 2019, but many giant organizations have recognized it. Thus collaboration with major sponsoring partners has to lead to its increasing popularity among the sports and betting enthusiasts in the country. Though the emphasis is laid upon the Indian market, we might see 10Cric covering giant strides to enhance their network to the foreign market as well.

One such game which has played a vital role in encouraging people towards the practices on this site is Kabaddi. The Pro-Kabaddi league has received massive success in the Indian circuit, and this platform is one of the rarest ones which carries out betting processes in this game. Thus, 10Cric has also churned out massive revenues through Kabaddi as well.

10Cric India is also quite renowned for its impeccable Sportsbook proficiencies; the odds, affiliations betting standards and function are of top-notch quality. Betting odds are fluctuated regularly to enhance the enticing nature of this incredible activity. Sportsbook practices are carried smoothly so that the customers easy to rely on the credibility and reputation of this company.

Review about Security of 10Cric

The Indian customers massively praise 10Cric due to it’s extremely secured services, credibility, Legitimacy, and authenticity in the functioning. Not many online betting sites are verified and certified by the elite licensing authorities. But 10Cric possesses a highly acclaimed Curacao gaming license, which assures customers of relying heavily on this site for effective betting practices. To date, there has been no major issue found regarding any sort of malicious or notorious activities prevailing on this site. Thus, the betting platform is extremely safe and effective for Indian customers to carry on with their love for betting.

The Personal data and financial information of the customer are precisely encrypted with the assistance of highly sophisticated SSL Encryption technology (128 Bit), which is the elite standard for keeping the information and data confidential and free from any type of abuse. The communication between the customers and the customer care team is encrypted as well, so you can easily rely on the impeccable functioning of this sensational betting platform.

10Cric India is an extremely refined and legitimate site that is not involved in any controversy up till now; the reviews and praises of the customers speak volumes of the incredible stature that this platform has made in a short period. Highly credible third-party auditors keep a check on the smooth running of this platform and also keep a “Hawkeye” on bugs or malicious hackers trying to intrude in the software system. Deposits, withdrawals, and bonuses are adequately provided to the customers so that the customers don’t feel like being robbed of their hard-earned money.

Thus, 10Cric is a highly secured and legal betting platform that offers a huge amount of privileges and rewards to the customers. There are no bots used on the platform, and players can bet on various games without any hassles as well. Third-party auditors keep a check on hackers, and a player can only log in from one independent Id, all the relevant details regarding the deposits and withdrawals, would only be accessed by the customer, which forges a healthy fraternal relation between customer and 10Cric.

10Cric Rewards & Bonus (Review)

Welcome Bonus

To encourage Beginners, 10Cric offers massive privileges and bonuses, which would help them to execute their betting skills without the hassle of financial setback. A whopping 110% bonus is provided t the customers, which can only be availed with the minimum balance of RS 1000 (INR). But the person should confirm on the site his/her authentic details, and after complete verification, the bonus would be available for use. The bonus code to avail the bonus is “Welcome.” Thus, after successfully fulfilling the information requirements, the amount would be transferred to your Sports Bonus Account. But the customer can avail of the offer within 90 days of the transfer. After 90 days, the bonus gets expired and would no longer be available for use.

Slot Machine Bonus

You can make as much as 70,000 through the slot money bonus process. The slot machine bonus can be availed through a three-tier bonus system along with massive free bet money of worth Rs 5000 (maximum). You may indulge in any Sportsbook betting on games like Cricket and football to relish the maximum extract out of the given amount. You just need to enter the “TOPPLAY 1” code to avail as much as 100% bonus or a maximum of 20,000 Rs, which is, by all means, a “staggering” amount.

And similarly, you can get 75% and 50% bonus for the 2nd and 3rd tier system, respectively. But the person needs to deposit at least 1,000 Rs to stay eligible for the slot bonus and must use the bonus within 15 days. The customer should also carry out the wagered amount for as many as 35 times.

Live Casino Bonus

There are very platforms in India that provide the new customers a Live Casino Bonus, and one of them is 10Cric. Live casino is one of the most popular platforms which engages a massive number of new customers, as the real casino platforms are difficult to maintain. Thus, such bonuses and privileges have encouraged the new customers to engage themselves on this incredible platform. The customer needs to deposit a minimum of 1000 Rs for the eligibility and must enter the Code” CASINOLIVE,” and you would get as much as 150% of Bonus, which is massive. You may deposit as much as 8,000 Rs for the maximum amount of bonus available on the platform. But, the customer can avail of the bonus within the 15 days of the transfer, and it would get expired after that. Also, the bonus can only be availed on the Casino Live platform and nowhere else.

Weekly Promotions

10Cric Management team is pretty aware of what keeps the Indian customer on their toes! Thus, the platform gives some mouthwatering offers to the customers weekly. This creates massive traffic on the site and eventually results in maximum productivity. Customers are cherished with cashback at the Live Casino at the start of the week, and they may also get as much as 5000 Rs Slot Cashback in the middle of the week (Wednesday), Free spins, Massive amount of as much as 10,000 Rs in Reload Bonus segment and other intriguing offers. To make the conversation even more productive, all the details of the bonus and other privileges are sent through the mail, so that the relationship is maintained in an ideal state.

10Cric Financial Aspects


Depositing at the 10Cric is easy and hassle-free. There are not many online gambling websites that possess more deposit options than 10Cric; this easy to access privilege of the platform has attracted many online betting enthusiasts to prefer this site. All the essential documents and verification proofs must be provided in the ideal state to the website. As any reckless mistake may lead towards financial setback. Deposits are made quite easily, and to make it even more convenient, the KYC must be done. This would assist the deposit process even more precise and rapid.


A person must not hand over the account or bank details to anyone. And ignore the spam calls which ask you to share the details. The Withdrawals are quite easy to process as well, you just need to log in to the exclusive account, and a highly verified account would ensure a pretty fast transaction service. 10Cric offers massive banking options so that a wide range of customers are engaged on the platform for betting and gaming experiences. Bonus cannot be used for a withdrawal outside the platform, and the customer must use the money to carry out betting practices for a limited period.

Currencies Supported:

As the platform is specifically made for the Indian market, there are a handful of currencies that are supported on this platform. And these are the currencies that are prominently used for deposits and withdrawals in India. Indian Rupee, Australian dollars, Euros, Pounds (British), and US Dollars are the currencies that are supported on the platform, and customers very rarely find the given options too less.

Banking Methods:

There are a plethora of options available for the Debit and Credit facilities. They are IMPS (ECOBANQ, Jeton), MasterCard, Visa, Maestro, Astropay, Neteller, Skrill, Bitcoin, and ecoPayz. Winning amounts are transferred to your account within 24 hours, and any customer can withdraw a maximum of 1.5 Lakh Rs a week. Bank Transfer takes as many as five days to reach the target account.

Review about 10Cric Market 


It is the most popular market amongst the customers and covers a huge variety of cricketing fixtures from all around the world. Various T20 leagues from all over the Globe like IPL, Big Bash, CPL, and other domestic leagues in South Africa, England, as well. The odds in the betting for cricket are extremely beneficial for the customers as many people engage themselves on this platform. Thus, the chances of winning huge prices are also increased. Even on International matches, the betting processes experience a massive boost, thus paves the way for incredible revenues generated by 10Cric. People often get perplexed by the terms “fixing” and “Betting.” And 10cric is a betting platform that is certified and verified as a safe platform for people. Thus, you can easily carry on with your exciting betting habits without any issues. Betting on Indian cricket teams matches and also IPL generate massive traffic on the website, therefore people are greeted with many exciting rewards.


10Cric is one of the most sought-after platforms for cherishing your favorite sports betting activities. It features a galore of incredible sports from all around the world, which also includes the domestic circuit as well. This is one of the vital most reasons why the Sportsbook at 10Cric is creating a sensation among sports enthusiasts in India. With more than 60 sports on offer for betting, it becomes quite easy for punters to engage in more than one sport at a time. Some of the Sports which are available for betting at Cric10 are Cricket, Tennis, Football, Basketball, Badminton Volleyball, Snooker, Golf, Kabaddi and more. Sportsbook has left no stone unturned in giving a plethora of options to their loyal customers. The Sportsbook range of Cric10 is a big reason why the betting platform is a huge success in the industry.

Casino Games and Table Card Games:

You may also engage yourself in incredible Casino activities, which is a huge revelation in the Indian online betting standards. And it becomes quite a daunting task for the players to choose amongst the “massive ocean” of games available, which features 100’s of enthralling games. Thus, the filter option available at the betting platform comes into the picture. This helps the customers to get a refined list of popular games, which are preferred by most of the customers. Along with popular card games like Blackjack and roulette, you may also choose from the stunning range of exclusive games like The King, Rich Wilde, and Tome of Madness and Live Speed Andar Bahar. You can easily sign in with your exclusive ID, without having to pay additional money.

Live Casino:

This is another huge revelation in the Online betting scene of India. Live Casinos have always been a rare commodity, but 10Cric has made it possible for people to relish the lavish ambiance of Real Casino at this Online platform, gambling at the games like Dragon Tiger and Live Sic Bo, would make you feel like a Pro! There are as many 30 enticing Live casino games available, and you would certainly like the popular transitions of games like Blackjack and roulette, which have Indian variations to it! Thus, Live Casino at the Cric10 has influenced many enthusiasts to take upon the activities of betting and poker as well.

Online Slots:

Cric10 has more than 800 slot machines on offer, which is almost double than the standards of other Indian betting platforms. With the impeccable filter option available, you can easily play your favorite slot game without having to find a jewel in the ocean! You can easily navigate your favorite slot game by mentioning it in the search bar. Microgaming and Play’N Go are two of the most prominent software providers for this segment, which speaks volumes of how amazing the experience would be.

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Why 10Cric Would be an ideal Platform for Cricket Betting

Massive options:

10cric flaunts a massive range of cricketing fixtures from all around the world. Be it an International circuit, Domestic circuit, or even franchise cricket leagues, 10Cric gives you a plethora of options for betting and huge prize winnings on stake. There are not many platforms in India, which can outnumber the betting-range of 10Cric.

Less Competition:

As the Betting practices on the platform are available only for Indian customers. The competition level also gets drastically low, and this ensures the customers of a decent amount of winnings on various outcomes.

A verified platform for betting:

People in India are often misled towards notorious and malicious betting platforms that land you in deep trouble. The illegal betting platforms are banned in the countries, and doing so can also lead you behind bars! Thus 10Cric becomes an ideal solution for you to enjoy cricket betting from the comfort of the home and without any barriers of law and jurisdiction.

Extremely affordable:

There are no lower limits on the platform for betting practices. Thus you can easily enjoy betting activities at extremely reasonable prices. This privilege has helped Indian people to engage themselves on this platform without the fear of huge financial setbacks.

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Pros and Cons of 10Cric India


  • Highly verified platform for Sports betting
  • A plethora of options available for betting
  • Great customer care service
  • A decent number of banking methods are available
  • Huge bonuses and additional privileges on offer


  • Only available for Indian customers
  • Limited currencies can be used for betting
  • The server may lag when traffic on the site is heavy

Cric10 Mobile App Review

Cric10 India is extremely refined and ready to use App even for smartphones. Its optimization is such that Operating systems like Android, iPhone, and Windows Phones are extremely compatible with it. You won’t have to download the app, and the betting platform can be directly accessed through the website. If you want an optimal level of performance on the android devices, you may download the exclusive 10Cric app. This app would enhance the functioning, process, and performance of the online betting platform for impeccable consequences. For IOS, the official site of the 10Cric platform would be ideal. While installing the 10Cric app from the Android App store, make sure that you ideally put the security setting and allow “Unknown resources.” This would pave the way for a smooth and hassle-free download of the App.

Cric10 Website Review

The website of the online betting platform is extremely well composed and highly compatible with all the customers. Even the beginners can conveniently operate the functions without any hassles. The User Interface is quite impeccable as well, and you would get a variety of games to line up in sequence. Different categories are eloquently placed so that the customers can easily opt for the most compatible game or sport for betting purposes. The filter option effectively helps in navigating the ideal prospect. Also, after login in, the customers don’t have to worry about processes involved in betting on various games. Thus, an effective and sophisticated website interface has played a massive role in propelling this platform to unparalleled heights. The interface available for the mobile app is by no means inferior to that of the desktop. You would find all the relevant privileges on the mobile app, as well. You can educate your self about the functions of the platform. Also, go through the protocols which are mentioned in the terms and conditions policy, this would help you to get an insight of 10Cric as well. The balanced proportion of the colors and design on the website would give you incredible vibes of a betting platform.

Cric10 India Customer Support Review

One of the most crucial factors for the success of 10Cric is its Customer support management. Indian customers tend to have any queries regarding the functioning and other protocols of the platform. The customer care unit plays a vital role in assisting customers exceptionally well. You would find various ways of solving your concerns or queries. Customers may prefer a live chat facility, which is available 24/7, and the customer care team effectively elaborate on the issues and solve the purpose. Customers may also opt for email service as well, and the authentic mail id is Support@10cric.com. If both the methods are not sufficient enough to solve the issues, then you may opt for the Skype video calling method as well. All the essential queries regarding the deposit and withdrawal would be solved in an extremely quick time.

FAQs of Cric10

Is betting legal in India?

Ans- Only legal betting platforms with a license from the elite authorities are legal in India. 10Cric holds an eminent Curacao Gaming Licence, which satisfies the legal terms of betting in India.

How can you bet legally in India?

Ans- You may inform yourself about the betting platform on google. This would help you to figure out whether the platform is legal or not. Read the reviews of the platform, and after going through all the essential details, opt for the most acclaimed betting platform.

How can I bet on cricket in India?

Ans- Visit 10Cric website on the internet, read the terms and conditions, and then create an authentic ID. All the essential details would be given on the website, search for the cricket betting icon, and you can enjoy betting without any hassles. Place the bets according to your preference and compatibility. It is advised to not bid for higher betting prices if you are a beginner.

How to open an account on 10Cric?

Ans- You need to fulfill basic requirements like Identity proof, banking details, and other relevant stuff. All the information is kept confidential and safe. Click on Join Now, and you are ready to go.

Is 10Cric available in India only?

Ans- Yes, 10Cric is only available for Indian customers and only limited within the borders of India. This enhances the security and privileges of Indian customers, as well.

Overall Review about Cric10 India

10Cric possesses all the essential traits, which are ideal for hassle-free and top-notch betting experience for enthusiasts. Be it the interface, versatility, a massive range, Plethora of segments, amazing banking methods, and impeccable services, a perfect blend of all these privileges makes 10Cric an epitome of an ideal online betting site. This is the reason why it taken giant strides in the betting scene and certainly taking the segment by storm. With massive bonuses and rewards on offer, it has also managed to attract a massive number of beginners on the site. This practice is not only promoting the platform but also urging people to relish the amazing experience of online betting. Overall, 10Cric seems to be an ideal prospect for all the betting aficionados in India.

Final Verdict

I would personally recommend this amazing platform to all the people in India who are fascinated by betting. The platform is incredibly refined and certified as well, so you would not have to worry about any notorious activities involved in betting. The payment methods are extremely vast, and a huge bonus on offer certainly helps the beginners to explore this unfathomable world of betting and gambling as well. The Options are massive, and you may opt for various and distinct platforms as per your preference, which is not matched by other prominent betting sites in the country. Therefore, 10Cric scores well in all the departments, and I would recommend it to all the people around India.

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