Bet Angel Review

In the following Bet Angel review, we will explain how Bet Angel can be a dependable source of earning. The discussion about the positive and negative corners will also help you a lot.

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Betfair Trading allures many of us to make additional earning in spare time. But, doing so requires some professional expertise. If the player is a novice, he/she will require a professional hand for help. Betfair Trading earned tremendous popularity in the past few years, thanks to its decision to involve an expert with every newcomer.

What Is Bet Angel Betfair Trading Software?

The modified earning Bet Angel software is created by Peter Webb. He is among the pioneer betting exchange users. He is active both on the Social Media under the name of Bet Angel and his website. Frequently various innovative ideas about sports, trading, and betting reflect on the website pages. Bet Angel is among the first pieces of software to use exchange API. Peter Webb did not ask for any patent for his ideas and the application. Therefore, the software became publicly available after a few days. There are modifications too with better features. Observers say that many of the new specifications work on the Bet Angel Forum. It is used for the market review. Reviews on software issues are also available. With the best features, Bet Angel software has become one of the top three Betfair Trading software varieties available in the market.

Who Created Bet Angel Software?

Bet Angel is the brainchild of Peter Webb. The person is known as one of the most successful Betting Exchange Experts and user experts in the World. He was one of the prominent Betfair beginning clients during its initiation in 2000. As per the site, Peter Webb is successfully risking millions of pounds a week even today. He even trades in front of the live packed audience. On his personal website, Webb has explained how numbers and risks have always fascinated him. He confessed that he used to fill out his father’s football coupon at his tender age of 12. Bet Angel came into existence in the year 2004. Peter practiced a bit of stock trading just before that. He was interested in football betting too. The success informed him about his potential as a genuine bettor.  Thus, he participated in horse racing, tennis, and various other sports. Bet Angel software was originally created to serve Webb’s purpose. Over the passing time, he realized the need of using Bet Angel by other users.

Why Use Bet Angel Trading Sofware?

Bet Angel Trader is a mid-price option. It is best suitable for those who neither like total free nor are ready to pay exuberant prices. There are confident traders in the market; but, it often happens that they cannot afford enough time for such trade. Therefore, it becomes tough for them to use absolute professional betting software to its full potential. Bettors can avail specific best features under the option of Bet Angel Trader. The basic package is too simple and limited for the pro traders. The software offers a satisfactory starter pack. It does not involve too many expenses. The traders can bet fairly without risking hefty money. Bet Angel Trader is open for those bettors who are reluctant about using Bet Angel Professional and its additional features but want to hold on to the software. The package equips ladder-interface features. Advanced features like Guardian or tools like the Soccer Mystic and Tennis Trader are not included.

Review of Bet Angel Basic Plan

Bet Angel has a free version too. It is the best for starters in the betting trade. The new users often feel confused regarding the frequency of usage. Bet Angel ensures that the option has no limit. But, it contains the key features only; nothing extra is allotted within. Bet Angel free version is the ideal option if a trader is not willing to spend a large amount of money in Betfair Trading. We expect it to work out fine if the bettor is going to upgrade to the professional version in later times. It again conveys that the winning options from the free trading software version are too limited.

Review of Bet Angel Professional Plan

Experts vow in favor of using Bet Angel Professional. It contains packages with comprehensive features. Bet Angel Professional is known as the ‘Ultimate Betfair Toolkit.’

Bet Angel professional is the costliest one. Serious bettors don’t mind spending extras because:

  • It offers a myriad of features. These are practically limitless, thereby no normal user can make complete utilization of the entire range of features. It offers the best flexibility in terms of choosing options.
  • With Bet Angel Professional’s complete package, the best chances of winning a bet are possible.
  • The package ensures that a trader can make a solid start of the games.
  • Bet Angel Professional helps the bettor to react to the situations happening in the betting markets.
  • It provides streaming charts and information to the user. Therefore, he/she is able to analyze the market situation in far better ways.
  • The software is so detailed that the punter can get some of the features in the most customized ways for his/her uses.
  • The aspects are exclusively made for a particular kind of trading.

Costing of Bet Angel

Bet Angel Professional is equipped with all the finest Bet Angel tools. These include Soccer Mystic and Tennis Trader.

£149.99 is the cheapest long-term price. The charges are accrued for a period of 12 months. Therefore the average monthly charge comes at £12.50.

However, the members are offered subscriptions for 6, 3, 2, and 1 month. The cost is a bit high in comparison to the long-term cost.

There is a facility of the free trial period for the beginners. After the expiry of the trial period, they can try their luck with a one-day Bet Angel Professional tie-up. The cost of 24-hour access is £0.99.

Bettors can avail Bet Angel Trader at £6 per month. The yearly subscription stands at £60 only.

Features of Bet Angel

Almost all Betfair Trading software offers standard features. These include one-click betting, ladder interface, and various other likely ones. Serious traders who run after solid money-earning, probably in an urge to earn money, need the best tools. Such tools help them outdo their rivals. Therefore, designers of the Bet Angel software have introduced several unique intuitive features. Seasoned players understand that these innovative characteristics can help them demonstrate their best betting tricks. These features offer equal flexibility whether the stake is on horse racing, Tennis, Football, or other sport having demographic popularity. Among the various package, the Bet Angel Professional equips those features whose portions are shared by two other smaller packages, viz. Bet Angel Trader and Bet Angel for Betdaq.

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Key Features of Bet Angel Professional

Practice or Training Mode: At this particular phase, the user needs to use the entire features of Bet Angel. Bettors can use the spreadsheet interface and automation without any fear of losing money.

Custom Screen Profiles and settings: Screens and views can be adjusted in parity with the requirements of the traders. With this, they will be able to switch between profiles with ease and steadfastness.

Enables advanced market search: By using custom filters, the punter can search and find desired markets. Fast access requires using of logical commands and import filters.

One-click Trading Screen: Tailor-made betting is done with fast access of the trading grid on the display screen with just a single click of a mouse. The trading grid appears in a horizontal fashion. The trader can design a complete screen layout. They can add other powerful customized columns too from the dropdown option.

Global Setting tool and Editor: Global settings will take care of the trading’s main elements once the punter semi-automates the trading. He/she needs to create a custom preset and activate it in one click.

One-click button for custom columns: The trader has to generate a one-click button. It gives him/her some advantage in fast access to trading.

Quick Betting: If a bettor wishes to act quickly on an opportunity, he/she must use a quick bet tool.

Ladder trading screen: This trading screen is fully customizable. It shows odds vertically. The trader can spawn multiple ladders that are simple to navigate and can be customized.

Device Shortcut Editor: Key trading functions are accelerated. It helps the users get their trade before the competitors. Offers high flexibility and resilience.

Advanced Charts: Offer both flexibility and custom-made effect. With few clicks of the mouse, the trader can create, save and view the market.

Superior Automation: This special tool helps to bet and trade fully automatically. It can work both alone and in association with other elements of Bet Angel.

Dutching: The option helps the trader to back more than one selection. It works concerning pre-defined profit or stake. The user gets guaranteed return in case any one of the selection wins.

Guardian: The extremely powerful multi-marketing trading tool works wonder in Multi-market management. It is equipped with a host of additional features and can be rightfully called a piece of software.

Alerts: The users can automatically scan the market for setups and opportunities of key trading.

Servants: The flexible and powerful feature allows the bettors to make use of the completely automated trading combination that can be controlled manually.

Manual screen: Manual bet or quick bet tool helps in tweaking something. The user can redesign the screen fully for other purposes.

Bookmaking: The traders can win with this bookmaking tool that offers prices either on the entire or part of the bookmaking field.

In-play trader: It is an intuitive method for trading in-play markets. The punters can use a point and click interface, and, through a single click, they can get ahead of the real action.

Market Overview: The users can get a detailed overview of the current market conditions on one screen.

Excel spreadsheet: Connecting Bet Angel to an Excel spreadsheet, the trader can see, analyze, and bet right from the spreadsheet. It acts as an interface.

Soccer Mystic: Bet Angel has designed the feature for football bet trade. The bettor can watch the movement of odds on a football match before starting the game.

Tennis Trader: It is regarded as the befitting profiling tool for tennis. By examining the movement of the odds before the commencement of the game, the user gets to know the result of the stake. The impact of a break of server on a match can be recognized.

Watch Lists: The trader can simply organize and go through the data of interested key markets. It needs one click to switch immediately to a market and display scores across multiple markets.

Custom coupons: The users can generate a unique view of the core and secondary markets in a straight forward display. They can switch to interesting markets fast.

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Technical Specifications & Requirements

Bet Angel Professional usually runs on Windows 7, 8, 8.1, and Windows 10 operating systems. However, the software can also run on Mac OS X devices.


  • The processors must have at least 1.5Hz capacity on AMD or Intel.
  • Minimum 1GB RAM capacity is required.
  • The availability of 50MB hard disk space is necessary.

Though not mandatory, yet the players expect better coping with gaming keyboards and mice. The basic reason for this is the presence of spare and programmable keys.

In Bet Angel, certain keys are programmed to perform distinct actions. One can even cancel a bet by using specified keys.

Does Bet Angel have any Automation?

Yes. Automated trading is a matter of interest to many new traders. It enables the bettor to complete the programmed job while the software is working for his/her game accomplishments. This is mind-blowing and tempts the users to set up according to the needs. The automation principle works as the bettors are allowed to set their own parameters for the game. Thus, they can instruct about the time when to get back the favorite. An individual can also preset the time for trading out at the halftime.

To enable automation, however, the traders need to be fully confident about the strategies. Automated trading is not a fresher’s game. Wrong tactics can result in loss of money.

Only experienced players, who are fully aware of the possible consequences of the instructions, can take the risk of dealing with Bet Angel automated trading.

Pros & Cons of Bet Angel (Review)


  • Bet Angelprofessionals enjoy a host of features that let them execute the exchange trading on Betfair.
  • Seasoned players in the trades enjoy the most due to the best of features and functionalities.
  • Experimental bettors can design or organize personal betting bots.
  • Auto bet function allows the traders to set specific levels for the software for automatically placing back and laying bets.
  • Greening up is made simple.
  • With Microsoft Excel spreadsheets, betters can link their trade. It helps traders to customize. It is normally accessed by Excel Users.
  • Best customer support is associated with Bet Angel.
  • There is planning for exclusive features to be released in the future.


  • Experts opine that Bet AngelProfessional is not ideal for newcomers in the betting field.
  • Novice traders can feel confused as there are a variety of features.
  • The free version has a limitation in terms of functionalities.
  • The Bet Trader Free version has a one-click betting facility that restricts bets across multiple selections.

Bet Angel TV and YouTube Channel

Bet Angel provides details of the options of betting available along with the offerings of guidelines on how to proceed with the packages. It has both Bet Angel TV and YouTube Channel. The former brings a lot of trading videos. To facilitate the viewing and learning purpose, these videos are grouped by categories. Spending some time with each video can let an individual to get trained about the trading and know the best policy for winning the game. The YouTube Channel contains various types of videos featuring different subjects on Betfair Trading. Therefore, traders can enjoy a solid start. They can check and recheck their faults through repeated observation of these videos. The process is a bit time-consuming but has unquestioned potential.

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Is there a forum where discussion can be done with other traders?

It is not possible for any trader to manage everything all alone. Therefore, each one seeks someone with whom he/she can discuss the game’s progress, trading strategies, and issues of the software. Therefore, Bet Angel promoters have created a forum where the players can join as members. Such members are allowed to post and study others’ posts. Sharing ideas boosts up knowledge definitely. Bet Angel forum is divided into several threads. These are Bet Angel review – Tips and Tricks, Spreadsheet / Excel Chat, Automation, and Videos. These threads offer fair topics that the users look for.

In each sector, several users are seen to be swapping ideas and thoughts. New traders should spend more time communicating in the forum with others. The time can be made productive by reading quality posts or watching videos.

The members can send questions to the support team of the forums. These include a lot of Frequently Asked Questions or FAQs based on payment type, registration, license, and best use of the features. Both direct and impulsive questions are present. Answered questions should never be missed.

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Does it work on a MAC?

Bet Angel is created especially for the Microsoft Windows Platform. However, there are ways to make the program run on a platform like MAC.

For this, the options are:

  • Boot camp Assistant: The traders can locate ‘Boot Camp Assistant’ by searching ‘Bootcamp.’ Run Bootcamp and install windows on MAC. For installation, buying a windows license is mandatory. Then, during the next booting up of Mac, the app can run as a Mac.
  • Virtual Box: Bettors can use ‘Virtual Box”, a free emulator software that executes by installing new software over the existing MAC OS. The introduced software along with MAC provides scope for Bet Angelto work on MAC. The traders can stitch forward and backward between this new Mac and other Mac applications.
  • VPS: Using a Virtual Private Server or VPS: Designers in Bet Angelrecommend such inclusion. It enables the users to run Bet Angel on Mac and any device with the internet from anywhere 24/7. A Windows license is necessary. It will serve the user in the form of Desktop PC round the clock. The server in the data center is the perfect solution for running Bet Angel on the MAC platform.
  • Wine: Wine can help run Bit Angel on POSIX compliant operating systems like Mac, Linux, and BSD. This bit of software sits on the native device and runs Windows applications on it.

Bet Angel Review Conclusion

In the end, we would like to summarize the detailed review of Bet Angel. If you ask us to share in a single word, ‘splendid’ is the most appropriate one. The program is basically developed to improve the standard of betting. The Bet Angel review software provides supporting materials to all of the newcomers in the trade. The video introductions surely help in augmenting the knowledge. The software retains its usefulness for a prolonged period. Both the beginners as well as the experienced feeders gain from such durability.

Bet Angel Professional platform comes with detailed features that include multi-market trading and automation. From the myriad features, traders can weigh out those that fit them the most. The software offers economic packages for beginners too. All the beginners are offered with a free trial trade time. When the period ends, they can opt for a trader package. It offers scope to earn money at the most economic rate. A 24-hour trading package option is also offered to the users. Bet Angel gives the traders an opportunity to apply strategies.

Altogether, Bet Angel is a comprehensive Betfair trading software that is extremely simple to navigate and is suitable for curious beginners seeking casual trading.

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